Saturday, April 21, 2012

have you ever had a soggy banana?

Howdy yall! you may be wondering, "what in the world is she talking about?" "well, I'll tell you".(where is that from?:)) so you know how on all the cereal boxes, they always show the cereal with some sort of fruit in it, but them you open the box and there really isn't fruit in the cereal? so I was eating some cheerios and i decided to put a chopped banana in it. i thought it would be good, but oh goodness was i in for a surprise. they got all soggy and gross! yuck! don't do that! just thought I'd warn you before you take the advice to put fruit, especially bananas, in you cereal.haha :)

Now to my week. last Saturday, Julie and i went to UIL and she got a........(drum roll please!).... a 1 !!!!! (that's the best score that you can get, fyi) yay!!! probably due to my amazing piano skills... haha jk, we both worked really hard, i think they just kind of expect the accompanist to be good so they are just judging the student. I'm really happy that she did well!!!
btw, i forgot to say, Ive developed this love for running recently, like i love going on really long runs... it just makes me feel really energized and happy. so on Saturday i went for a 6 mile run, it felt really good! i never used to like it because i got all sweaty and gross and i got tired and sore, but ever sense i started going on runs all by myself so that i could go my pace and just do what i wanted to do and not feel pushed, Ive really started enjoying it. i might join track next year!!!! (big enphisis on the might:)

on Monday, i went on a Field trip for my partners in P.E. class! we got together with 3 other schools and just had a Field day in one of the local parks. it was really fun! i love partners in P.E.!!! it has been one of my biggest passions to be able to work with kids that have special needs. they are so much fun! they have such sweet spirits and they always make me feel more humble and happy. i love them!!!

yesterday (Friday), my orchestra and i went to UIL!!! just in case you don't know what UIL is, its a really big competition where you go and preform your very best and judges judge your performance. if you are going with a musical group, then you also have to sight read a piece of music to make sure that you are meeting certain standards, and you also get judged on that performance. 1 is the best and 4 is the worst.
so on Friday morning, we had to show up to school at 6:00 AM to leave for the place on time. i had to skip seminary :(  so no Friday treats :(  oh well. when i get to school, we load on the buses ( the philharmonic orchestra,the one lower than us, and the chamber orchestra,the top orchestra,the one I'm in.:)) so we drive an hour away to some random high school and go into the dance room to get out our instruments. the philharmonic was going first so we, the chamber, got to sit in the mini auditorium and watch. before any of the students were allowed to enter, they gave us a 15 minute sermon about how silent we were to be. and if we made one sound, we were toast. burnt toast. so as you can see, we all had our phones off and dint dare to make a noise when we walked in. we watched the first piece, it went really well!then came second Peace,it had two movements in it. my teacher is leading and all is well, when he cuts off every one so they can play the second movement of the piece. during the 2 second rest, my teachers phone goes off. he has a Mario video game ring tone. i am completely shocked. so he quickly shuffles into his pocket, turns his phone off, lifts his shaking hands up and brings in the players for the second movement. oh my goodness! they are sooo getting a 4 on this piece! everyone around me is either completely silent in shock,or has their face barried in their hands, trying sooo hard not to laugh. pretty hilarious :) so they ended up getting all 1's somehow.... and when we went on to preform, we got all 1's too! yay! we got sweepstakes!!! $$$!!! i don't know if those judges are deaf or what, but we did sooo bad on our sight reading... oh well! at least they gave us 1's!!!

PROM IS IN 7 DAYS!!!!!!! yay! i cant remember if i said anything about my dress, oh well, I'll say it again! so my dress is light purple with white sheer stuff on parts of it. so the only thing is that its way too long on me, so today we took it to a really awesome lady in our ward that can help fix it! she is putting these little pinches in it so that it will go to the length that i need it at. so she had me try it on and she pinned it all up so it looks sooo pretty!!! i cant wait to try it when its all fixed up! I'm going to have to babysit in payment some time soon, which will be really fun because she has one girl, age 4, a set of quads, 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 2.5ish, and she just had another girl about a year ago! crazy huh?!? that's what i want to happen to me!!!! that would be soo much fun! i love kids! I'm gonna have 10 of them!
so anyways, I'm going with 2 other girls in our ward, one of which happens to be this Lady's sister, and she offered to do my hair! I'm really good at doing my hair in all sorts of braids and such, but she suggested that instead of me doing my own hair in a up do, that i should leave it down in some sort of half up half down with curls and braids/twists in the top half. I'm really super duper excited!!! yay!

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  1. Wow! You guys did great! For our UIL, we got 1-2-2 for the stage and 1-2-2 for sightreading (we are really bad at that). Congrats! I love your prom dress!