Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello! Happy Easter!

Hello! I've really wanted a blog for a long time, and now I have one!!!
So for my very first post, I'm going to talk about today, Easter sunday. Two of my young woman leaders asked me a while ago if I would do a musical number for Easter with them, and I said yes! We had decided to play (me on the viola, yw leader#1 on cello, yw leader#2 on piano) "How great the wisdom and the love" hymn # 195. We practiced for a really long time together in several sessions for at least 3 months before hand. This morning, I walk in the church with my viola, feeling good. "I've done this before," I tell myself. "you got this." I set up my instrument. after the first speaker, it is our turn. I get up and set up my music and stand, then get my instrument. the piano starts. we come in. first verse is great. second verse: AC turns on. music flys off my stand and goes EVERYWHERE right when I had the melody. Frantically, I pick up the  music and put up my instrument once more and begin playing again. The rest went great.
Oh man was that embarrassingly funny!!! Couldn't have planned that one! hahahahaha :) what an Easter musical number that was. someone later commented to me that it brought some action into the meeting :)

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