Monday, April 23, 2012


LOOK EVERYONE!!! I finally figured out how to put some pictures on here!!!(thanx to my dad) ;)
so here are some pics of one of my fabulous hair-do's! and of me in the bluebonnets :)

 Yay!!! well, that's about it...
this week is TAKS testing... ugg. today we took the social studies, which is my worst one, I'm soo bad at history. its not even funny. so glad to have it over!!! tomorrow is math, which I'm not exactly a genius at either... but its better than history!!! then on Wednesday, we don't have one because they needed to split up the math ones for calculators. then on Thursday i have science, which will be the easiest one for me. then on Friday we don't have any more, so back to a normal schedule! 

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  1. Love the pictures. I like the braids; you look more "mature". But I prefer your hair just down. I think it suits you well.