Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My weekend!!!

Wow! what a weekend! first of all, Heather had found me a prom dress for cheep in Utah and she sent it to me last Monday or Tuesday, so on Thursday I ran to check the mail to see if it came... and it did!!! its soo pretty! its purple!!! we have to fix the length some how, cause we all know, I'm kinda a shorty :) we'll figure it out. prom is on the 28th... 10 days!!!! aaahhh! no, I don't have a date... :(but who needs one when you can go with all the other laurels who didn't get asked!) yay! it will be super fun, we are all going to get ready together! I really need to figure out how to put pictures on this thing.. I guess I will soon because our computer has been down, but now I think its fixed so I can do it when I get home.
Then Saturday Julie and I had solo and ensemble! Julie was on the violin and i accompanied her on the piano. we played "rohan" from the Lord of the rings. it was really fun! when I find out what we got, I'll post it!
So I was supposed to go to the priest and laurel activity, which was volleyball. they said I could come a little late cause I had to go to the solo and ensemble, but it turns out that it ended early so it wouldn't be worth it anyways. oh well :) So I got to come home and do Saturday jobs instead! great.
I have UIL for realls for orchestra this friday! wish me and my viola good luck! if we dont get strait 1's, my teacher will... you know... (kill us!)
Well now that there is only 10 days till prom, we can start the count down! yay!!! I'm sooo excited!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, what a weekend. Good Luck at UIL! hopefully u do better than i did:)