Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today :)

On Sunday, my family and I went to the Rockdale branch, and good news!!! My musical number went MUCH better than last time at my ward! yay! Why that kinda thing can't happen when it's supposed to, I will never know.
On Monday, our whole family did yard work. I MOWED THE LAWN for the first time ever!!! and I also weed-eated, blowed, and helped with other yard stuff. how cool is that!?! I don't think I ever want to again because now I have blisters on my hands and my shoulder is killing me from starting the lawn mower.... well, it was still good exercise :) then Mom and Dad did other yard work like edging and planting flowers and putting on some fertilizer stuff for our front tree. Julie helped in her own special way :) haha :) then once we all got cleaned up, we went out to Mighty Fine hamburgers... and if you know me at all, you know that I completely despise all fast-food/hamburger/hot dog/french fry/grossness. I am not picky when it comes to food, in fact, I can hardly taste anything-its like I have no sense of taste... anyways, I promise I'm not picky, but when it comes to fast food, I really don't like it. on top of that, I'm on this health diet thing where all you eat is healthy food, like I haven't had chocolate or sugar or desert or soda or chips in like over a month. and its doing some good, but you know. some day I will be skinnier than you all!!! ANYWAYS, (sorry, I tend to ramble a bit) :) so we went to this place and I did get a hamburger which I'm absolutely positive that it shaved about 3 years off of my life. Then we went to this frozen yogurt place where I got some fat-free yogurt that was really good. :) that was probably the best part of the day. then we took a trip to Walmart to get some "real desert" for every one else, because they didn't want to eat my "fake desert" so they all got a treat and for the first time in what I think is Mitchell history, my mom bought me some gum!!! yay! I got the mint chocolate chip ice cream one from Extra- and oh boy is it good! This gum is great because it allows you to enjoy desert without feeling like a fatty because each strip is only 5 calories!!! lemme tell you, it just doesn't get much better than that! Then we all went home and watched our new favorite show that we got on called "Lark rise to Candleford". We love it! it is our favorite family show! watch it! its totally amazing! 
Then on Tuesday, yesterday, Julie, Mom, and I went to the bishop's storage house to give service! It was sooo great to help out all of the patrons that came in and to help out in the back with cleaning or boxing things up. It made me feel really good especially to help out with the patrons. they are so nice and humble and one woman that I helped just needed a friend and once I had helped her, she reached out to me and I gave her the biggest hug that I could because even when our conversation was short and all I did was help to push a cart around a store and give her a smile, that was really all that she needed. It made me feel soo good :) then I went babysitting from 6:30 to 12:30am. I love those kind of jobs because the kids go to bed like an hour after you get there and then you have the rest of the evening to do whatever. so  I brought some crocheting and my kindle to read. I have another job to do tonight from 6:45 to about the same time.... who ever knows what time all of these people will get home? :) but that's okay, because the later they stay out, the more I get payed! and I don't even have to do anything but stay awake! well, that's not all the way true, I clean the house because I always like to leave it better than went I came, so how much free time I have really just depends on how much time I spend on cleaning up. So tonight that is what I will be doing.
Girls camp is in 4 days!!! yay!!! (as you can see, I super duper love girls camp!) oh! btw, this morning we went out to go run some errands and in my mom's friends house, our car broke down! and my mom's friend wasn't home! and my dad was at work and couldn't get out for 1.5 hours. so we were left, in the Texas heat, to wander the neighborhood. which actually wasn't all that bad because we found some really pretty model homes to look at! they always leave them unlocked so any one can just walk in and take a tour of the gorgeous fully-furnished homes. they were sooo pretty!!! and they were air conditioned! so not all that bad. then dad came to rescue us :)yay! then we went to Walmart and got some basket ball shorts for girls camp from the men's section ;) hahaha they are the only ones that are modest! so who cares :) 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My first day of summer :)

This morning I got up early and walked over to my young women president's house because we were gonna go and kidnap a new laurel and eat breakfast at her house. so I  walked over there early so that I could help make the food :) yyyyuuuuummmmmmm!!! we made crepes, muffins, bacon, and had tons of fruit!  We all sat around eating for like 2 hours :) us laurels just can't stop talking :) hahahaha
Then I came home and, like our Saturday usual, we did jobs. After all, "Saturday is a special day!" :)

I have an already packed week next week starting with tomorrow, we go out to another ward and I am playing the same musical number I played last week in my ward :) who will know? :) lets just hope I do better this time. then on Monday so far all that is planed is FHE :) so apparently Les Miserables has come to Austin Texas and EVERYBODY is gonna go see it, therefore, instead of me spending money to go and see it, everyone is going to pay me to babysit for like 10 hours! on Tuesday I'm gonna babysit from like 7 pm till 1 am, then on Wednesday I have another babysitting job from 6:45 to 12:30 ish. fun fun :) the good thing is I'm still getting payed to sit there all night while all the kids sleep :) yay for early bed times!!! then on Thursday I have a YCL "get together" where we are gonna plan and learn a bunch of stuff from 3-6, then right after that, I am going to a party from 7-10. wow am I busy. good thing on Friday I will just sleep all day :) unless I get another babysitting job.....

Girls camp is in 8 days!!! yay super excited!!! this year cuz I'm a YCL, I get to go up to camp early before everyone else and get to welcome all of the younger girls :) I've always wanted to do that :)

Btw, just though I'd publish this little fact about myself, not that this has to do with anything, but I'd just thought I'd let whoever is reading this know that I am totally in love with One Direction!!! they are THE BEST!!! (fyi, its a band, they are like the new Beatles!!! 5 guys that are all REALLY cute) AND they sing amazing!!! ;) Just had to put that out there :) Owl City is now my second favorite :) he is still really good :) 

Friday, May 25, 2012


YAY!!! school is finally over!!! I finished all of my finals and summer is nigh at hand!!! I am no longer a sophomore - I am a JUNIOR!!! Man do I feel OLD!!! oh well :) this summer is going to be amazing!!! I plan a stress-free amazing break so that I am all geared up for the stresses of next year! haha :) well tomorrow all of the laurels are having a breakfast for a new Laurel that just came in so my first day of summer, I don't get to sleep in :( oh well, I do get a free breakfast though!!! and if I show up then I get to help cook the breakfast! and that's even better!!! Dad had to work today and has to tomorrow so I will do pictures on some day when he isn't working, probably on Monday :)  on Sunday, dad is taking mom, Julie and I to another ward in our stake and I have to do another musical number..... we will see how that one goes. oh! I am in the ward choir and we are singing on Julie's birthday, June 10th, for ward conference! we are singing a song that the Mormon Tabernacle choir sings all the time.... I can't remember what it is called... oh well. its an awesome song :)
Girls camp is in 9 days!!! yay! super excited to be a YCL!!!
By the way, this morning in Seminary I passed off all of my scripture mastery's for the Old Testament! yay!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First day of Finals

Last night I went to bed at 6:45 PM.... I have never gotten that much sleep in my life on a school!!! I have to get up at 5:20 for seminary so that was a good nights rest!!! we will see if I can get that much sleep the rest of the week!!! today I'm taking my tech final and spanish, which I'm exempting so one easy final :) tomarrow, I take math which I'm exempting and partners in PE which will be super duper easy, then on thursday I have English which I have no idea how that is gonna go because my teacher didn't give us a review or anything so..... I hope its over writing essays because we have done alot of that this year! then I have orchestra which we are having a party and may I say a good bye party cause my directer just announced yesterday that he is moving!!! so we are all gonna get a new directer next year and we all have no idea who it will be...... oh dear. oh well. then on the last day of school(yay!) I have history which I'm gonna exempt and chemistry-and I know for a fact that that one is gonna be hard. so wish me luck!!!!!!

I just finished my final exam for tech which was photoshopping our own perfect jungle with the following animals: tiger, monkey, cobra, cheetah, crocodile, and a scarlet macaw. here it is:

hahahaha what do you think I got for my grade??? lol ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday and today......My titles are really boring.

Soooo, on Sunday I played the special musical number on the piano.I did a medley of "I know that my Redeemer lives" and "We thank thee oh God for a prophet" I'm pretty sure that I messed up about 500 times, but of course, everyone thought I did great :) I love my ward, they are soo loving and the musical coordinator loves to give all of the young women chances to preform and practice. I really like having the opportunity to practice so I can mess up now instead of later when I'm an adult and they really expect me to do well.
last day of Spanish!!!!! I'm in Spanish right now and we ain't doing nothin' soooo ya. its pretty great. 4 more days left of school!!! now including today. and they are all half days!!! all that I have left to do is take my finals which are: chemistry, pre ap English 2, partners in pe, and tech. I'm exempting algebra 2, history, Spanish, and then we aren't taking a final in orchestra. the partners in pe and the tech ones should be super easy! so basically 2 finals :)yay!!!
I can't stop thinking about this summer!!! I'm sooo excited!!! I think that I might get a job!!! I can't wait to spend the whole summer with my sisters and my niece and nephew! I am soooooo ready for this week to be over! so then I can finally relax! Girls camp is coming soon! yay! its june 4-8th. :) I'm sooo happy that my family dose all of this stuff for me! I feel so greatful all the time. my parents are the best!!! and all of my siblings!!! I love my family!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My summer!!!!

Hello!!! Guess what Julie and I just got in the mail??? an invitation from Melanie that went like this:

You're Invited!

you are cordially invited to

WHEN: your flight departs on Monday, June 25th
WHERE: you will receive deluxe accommodations at the luxurious Hotel Monson
WHY: Because WE LOVE YOU and we love having you around!!
WHAT TO BRING: whatever will fit in your suitcase!

please RSVP ASAP to Melanie. :)

Made with love just for you by Melanie.

How sweet is that!!! Julie and I get to spent 6 or 7 ish weeks up in Utah with Melanie, Derek, Lucy, Heather, Dane, and Jonathan!!! this is going to be the best summer ever!!! My guess is that Mom and Dad gave some sort of secret bribe to them.... ;) jk. But who knows what Mom and Dad will be up to while we are gone..... :)

so after school gets out (1 week!!!!!!!), I'm going to get my drivers permit!!! yay!!! and Mom said that I might be able to get some sort of job while I'm in Utah because Melanie lives right next to this huge shopping department where I could work at! cool! 

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

btw, I will post pics later.... Dad is in Maine for Grammy's birthday, and he has to help me get the pics off of the camera and on to the computer sooooo pics will be coming soon! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012


Hi!!! I had a really busy week!!!
First, on Friday night, I went to one of my friends sweet 16. it was really fun!!! we partied like animals!!! haha jk :) I was cheep and I only got her some milano cookies, but hey, those are pretty good!!! and I made her a card.
Then on Saturday, Julie and I went to the church building and made the mother's day handouts that we were gonna hand out to all the mothers on Sunday. all of the girls and I made these candy roses. they turned out really cute!!!
Julie and I then practiced in the chapel for our prelude number that we were going to preform the next day. our accompanist came to the church and practiced with us. she is such a thoughtful lady and I'm so glad that we were able to get some more practice in. :)
We then went home and did our Saturday jobs..... :/ haha they aren't that bad :)
Then I got ready for the stake dance!!! I had a lot of fun, it was a Disney themed dance to some people dressed up as Disney princesses!!! it was sooo much fun!!!
When I got home, I stayed up blowing up a ton of green balloons :). Then Julie and I got up early and took all the balloons downstairs to decorate the kitchen with, but we found that Mom was already up and sitting at the computer!!! So we told her to shield her eyes so we could decorate without her seeing :)
She isn't a huge breakfast fan, so we just decorated the kitchen :) I will post a bunch of pics of it later :) We then went early to church to set up our instruments. and as I was setting up the stand, I realized that we had forgotten the music!!! aaahhh!!! so we asked my super duper dad to race home and grab the music :) haha the funny thing is that since the new building has been built, every morning there are a million cops roaming around to find some poor Mormon speeding to church, so my dad had to be careful to not get caught :) haha. but he got back in time so we were able to do our music :) it went really well! then all of the young women sat on the stand and did the intermediate musical number. we sang a combo song of three primary songs. it made the whole crowd cry :) when we got home, we ate dinner and got ready for our missionaries to call!!! Spencer called first. I had sooo much fun chatting with him and talking with him about my life and about what has been going on :) then Suzanne called. sooo much fun to talk with her for a little bit, her area is more strict on time. then after the phone calls and Mother's day dessert, we did a skype call with Melanie so we could see Lucy roll over!!! she did sooo good! really cute :) we took some pictures after church so I will post them all later :)
On Monday for school, all of the freshmen were taking these tests so they let the juniors and sophomores have a "Field day". not fun. its when you go outside and sit there for like 5 hours. so on Sunday night, I told my Dad what we were gonna do, and he was like "I'm picking you up for your appointment tomorrow." and I was like "what appointment?" so the next day he comes to pick me up and we go........(drum roll please!!!).... to see the Avengers!!! it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! I loved it! diffidently worth it to go and see it! do it!
We then had to do the same thing on Tuesday, which was no fun because they made us go out in the rain! it was super cloudy, and then it started pouring down rain. we all ran in the building as fast as humanly possible, but I got soaked! lame Field day. so my dad came to the rescue again, and brought me home so I could shower and change :) thanx dad ;)
On Wednesday, I had my orchestra concert. we played 2 really easy songs just so it would count for a final exam grade. it went well! I'm sure we took some pics... I'm gonna do a picture post this weekend when I'm not sooo busy!!!
1 week left of school!!!
Then on Thursday I went to school, came home, ate food, went babysitting, got paid. that's it. kinda boring, but the babysitting was nice :)
Then there is today, Friday. we had our award ceremony today where there was an option to get either :grade average 4.0-4.49, grade average 5.0-5.49, grade average 5.5-6.0, perfect attendance(which I think that is kinda a silly award, I mean, who gets an award for never getting sick? or not having a life outside of school? whatever.), then academy awards(which is when a couple of students are chosen per every academy(4) to represent that academy) then our school motto is R.A.I.N. which stands for respect, achievement, investment, and nobility,so 4 students out of the whole 10th grade get picked to represent one of those letters. my class has over 800 students. so last year, I got an academic award of some kind, and I got an academy award to represent human services in professional studies. this year,I got an academic award for 4.0-4.49, and ......(another drum roll please!!!).... I represent the letter "I" for the RAIN! they said I was someone who gave back alot to my school and my community! I was sooooo surprised!!!! wow! i got a plack! I will post pics later :) yay!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

update on me!

Well hello!!! I haven't made a post in a while!

Last Friday and Saturday we had a mini ward camp out in preparation for girls camp. We drove to our bishop's land an hour away and I helped the younger girls with certification. Each of the YCLs where assigned a topic to teach on, my topic was the four steps to treating a victim and how to clean water. Fun times :) We ate tin foil dinners and cobbler. I liked the tin foil dinner, but I don't like cobbler- warm fruit is not my thing, haha :) We set up our tents which in the proses, I got stinging nettle. yuck. I've gotten it before, so it wasn't too bad- i have a pretty high pain tolerance :) we spent the night pranking each other and doing everything but sleeping ;) in the morning, we all got up and ate breakfast and left to go back home. It was really fun!!! I will have to get some pics!!!

On Sunday I had a YCL fireside where all of the YCLs got set apart with a priesthood blessing from a high council member. We had the meeting, then separated by ward to get set apart. It was such a great spiritual experience. I really bonded with the girls in my ward and with the high council member. It was wonderful!

This next Sunday on mothers day, my sister and I have been asked to play our instruments for mothers day prelude.... and we all know what happened last time I played in church... so we will see how this one goes! all I know is we are definitely tying down my music or something!!! haha:)

Friday, May 4, 2012

happy birthday spencer! and happy star wars day! may the forth(force) be with you!!!

Hello! well, today is my big brother's birthday! Spencer is turning 20! currently, he is serving a mission in the Colorado Denver north mission. I'm soooo proud of him! he is doing great and i hope he has a great day :)

last night I went babysitting for a little girl age 6. she is the cutest thing ever!!! it was fun, and the parents pay good :) haha. we ate dinner- princess soup, then we cleaned up her room and I gave her a bath, then we did home work-playing dominoes for math, then watched Arther. i love Arther!!! i haven't seen it for such a long time so it was great!

Girls camp is approaching!!! I'm gonna be a YCL 1 this year over the 2nd years! last night was actually the camp kick-off, but i couldn't go because of the babysitting job, but i heard it was great! and my friend that is also a YCL told me that our group of girls is awesome! so I'm way excited!!!

May the forth be with you!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Partners in PE

Yesterday in my partners in p.e. class, we got our new partner assignments and i was with Drew, a cute boy with down syndrome.
our skill to learn for the day was tennis. to encourage him, i said "hit the ball as hard as you can!!!" wrong thing to say when I'm standing to the left of him.
so he swings the tennis racket as hard as he can like a golf club and it comes swooping back and hits my forehead with a huge thud!!! haha it was really funny, that's what i get for pushing the poor guy :) i had a huge lump on my head for the rest of the day :) Drew came up to me and said sorry, it was really cute ;)

Josh and I at prom!!!

Hey guess what??? Josh Groban actually took me to prom!!! look at our pictures!!!

Be jealous!!!!!!!!