Friday, May 4, 2012

happy birthday spencer! and happy star wars day! may the forth(force) be with you!!!

Hello! well, today is my big brother's birthday! Spencer is turning 20! currently, he is serving a mission in the Colorado Denver north mission. I'm soooo proud of him! he is doing great and i hope he has a great day :)

last night I went babysitting for a little girl age 6. she is the cutest thing ever!!! it was fun, and the parents pay good :) haha. we ate dinner- princess soup, then we cleaned up her room and I gave her a bath, then we did home work-playing dominoes for math, then watched Arther. i love Arther!!! i haven't seen it for such a long time so it was great!

Girls camp is approaching!!! I'm gonna be a YCL 1 this year over the 2nd years! last night was actually the camp kick-off, but i couldn't go because of the babysitting job, but i heard it was great! and my friend that is also a YCL told me that our group of girls is awesome! so I'm way excited!!!

May the forth be with you!!! ;)

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