Friday, May 18, 2012


Hi!!! I had a really busy week!!!
First, on Friday night, I went to one of my friends sweet 16. it was really fun!!! we partied like animals!!! haha jk :) I was cheep and I only got her some milano cookies, but hey, those are pretty good!!! and I made her a card.
Then on Saturday, Julie and I went to the church building and made the mother's day handouts that we were gonna hand out to all the mothers on Sunday. all of the girls and I made these candy roses. they turned out really cute!!!
Julie and I then practiced in the chapel for our prelude number that we were going to preform the next day. our accompanist came to the church and practiced with us. she is such a thoughtful lady and I'm so glad that we were able to get some more practice in. :)
We then went home and did our Saturday jobs..... :/ haha they aren't that bad :)
Then I got ready for the stake dance!!! I had a lot of fun, it was a Disney themed dance to some people dressed up as Disney princesses!!! it was sooo much fun!!!
When I got home, I stayed up blowing up a ton of green balloons :). Then Julie and I got up early and took all the balloons downstairs to decorate the kitchen with, but we found that Mom was already up and sitting at the computer!!! So we told her to shield her eyes so we could decorate without her seeing :)
She isn't a huge breakfast fan, so we just decorated the kitchen :) I will post a bunch of pics of it later :) We then went early to church to set up our instruments. and as I was setting up the stand, I realized that we had forgotten the music!!! aaahhh!!! so we asked my super duper dad to race home and grab the music :) haha the funny thing is that since the new building has been built, every morning there are a million cops roaming around to find some poor Mormon speeding to church, so my dad had to be careful to not get caught :) haha. but he got back in time so we were able to do our music :) it went really well! then all of the young women sat on the stand and did the intermediate musical number. we sang a combo song of three primary songs. it made the whole crowd cry :) when we got home, we ate dinner and got ready for our missionaries to call!!! Spencer called first. I had sooo much fun chatting with him and talking with him about my life and about what has been going on :) then Suzanne called. sooo much fun to talk with her for a little bit, her area is more strict on time. then after the phone calls and Mother's day dessert, we did a skype call with Melanie so we could see Lucy roll over!!! she did sooo good! really cute :) we took some pictures after church so I will post them all later :)
On Monday for school, all of the freshmen were taking these tests so they let the juniors and sophomores have a "Field day". not fun. its when you go outside and sit there for like 5 hours. so on Sunday night, I told my Dad what we were gonna do, and he was like "I'm picking you up for your appointment tomorrow." and I was like "what appointment?" so the next day he comes to pick me up and we go........(drum roll please!!!).... to see the Avengers!!! it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! I loved it! diffidently worth it to go and see it! do it!
We then had to do the same thing on Tuesday, which was no fun because they made us go out in the rain! it was super cloudy, and then it started pouring down rain. we all ran in the building as fast as humanly possible, but I got soaked! lame Field day. so my dad came to the rescue again, and brought me home so I could shower and change :) thanx dad ;)
On Wednesday, I had my orchestra concert. we played 2 really easy songs just so it would count for a final exam grade. it went well! I'm sure we took some pics... I'm gonna do a picture post this weekend when I'm not sooo busy!!!
1 week left of school!!!
Then on Thursday I went to school, came home, ate food, went babysitting, got paid. that's it. kinda boring, but the babysitting was nice :)
Then there is today, Friday. we had our award ceremony today where there was an option to get either :grade average 4.0-4.49, grade average 5.0-5.49, grade average 5.5-6.0, perfect attendance(which I think that is kinda a silly award, I mean, who gets an award for never getting sick? or not having a life outside of school? whatever.), then academy awards(which is when a couple of students are chosen per every academy(4) to represent that academy) then our school motto is R.A.I.N. which stands for respect, achievement, investment, and nobility,so 4 students out of the whole 10th grade get picked to represent one of those letters. my class has over 800 students. so last year, I got an academic award of some kind, and I got an academy award to represent human services in professional studies. this year,I got an academic award for 4.0-4.49, and ......(another drum roll please!!!).... I represent the letter "I" for the RAIN! they said I was someone who gave back alot to my school and my community! I was sooooo surprised!!!! wow! i got a plack! I will post pics later :) yay!