Saturday, May 19, 2012

My summer!!!!

Hello!!! Guess what Julie and I just got in the mail??? an invitation from Melanie that went like this:

You're Invited!

you are cordially invited to

WHEN: your flight departs on Monday, June 25th
WHERE: you will receive deluxe accommodations at the luxurious Hotel Monson
WHY: Because WE LOVE YOU and we love having you around!!
WHAT TO BRING: whatever will fit in your suitcase!

please RSVP ASAP to Melanie. :)

Made with love just for you by Melanie.

How sweet is that!!! Julie and I get to spent 6 or 7 ish weeks up in Utah with Melanie, Derek, Lucy, Heather, Dane, and Jonathan!!! this is going to be the best summer ever!!! My guess is that Mom and Dad gave some sort of secret bribe to them.... ;) jk. But who knows what Mom and Dad will be up to while we are gone..... :)

so after school gets out (1 week!!!!!!!), I'm going to get my drivers permit!!! yay!!! and Mom said that I might be able to get some sort of job while I'm in Utah because Melanie lives right next to this huge shopping department where I could work at! cool! 

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

btw, I will post pics later.... Dad is in Maine for Grammy's birthday, and he has to help me get the pics off of the camera and on to the computer sooooo pics will be coming soon! :)

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