Friday, May 25, 2012


YAY!!! school is finally over!!! I finished all of my finals and summer is nigh at hand!!! I am no longer a sophomore - I am a JUNIOR!!! Man do I feel OLD!!! oh well :) this summer is going to be amazing!!! I plan a stress-free amazing break so that I am all geared up for the stresses of next year! haha :) well tomorrow all of the laurels are having a breakfast for a new Laurel that just came in so my first day of summer, I don't get to sleep in :( oh well, I do get a free breakfast though!!! and if I show up then I get to help cook the breakfast! and that's even better!!! Dad had to work today and has to tomorrow so I will do pictures on some day when he isn't working, probably on Monday :)  on Sunday, dad is taking mom, Julie and I to another ward in our stake and I have to do another musical number..... we will see how that one goes. oh! I am in the ward choir and we are singing on Julie's birthday, June 10th, for ward conference! we are singing a song that the Mormon Tabernacle choir sings all the time.... I can't remember what it is called... oh well. its an awesome song :)
Girls camp is in 9 days!!! yay! super excited to be a YCL!!!
By the way, this morning in Seminary I passed off all of my scripture mastery's for the Old Testament! yay!!!

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