Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today :)

On Sunday, my family and I went to the Rockdale branch, and good news!!! My musical number went MUCH better than last time at my ward! yay! Why that kinda thing can't happen when it's supposed to, I will never know.
On Monday, our whole family did yard work. I MOWED THE LAWN for the first time ever!!! and I also weed-eated, blowed, and helped with other yard stuff. how cool is that!?! I don't think I ever want to again because now I have blisters on my hands and my shoulder is killing me from starting the lawn mower.... well, it was still good exercise :) then Mom and Dad did other yard work like edging and planting flowers and putting on some fertilizer stuff for our front tree. Julie helped in her own special way :) haha :) then once we all got cleaned up, we went out to Mighty Fine hamburgers... and if you know me at all, you know that I completely despise all fast-food/hamburger/hot dog/french fry/grossness. I am not picky when it comes to food, in fact, I can hardly taste anything-its like I have no sense of taste... anyways, I promise I'm not picky, but when it comes to fast food, I really don't like it. on top of that, I'm on this health diet thing where all you eat is healthy food, like I haven't had chocolate or sugar or desert or soda or chips in like over a month. and its doing some good, but you know. some day I will be skinnier than you all!!! ANYWAYS, (sorry, I tend to ramble a bit) :) so we went to this place and I did get a hamburger which I'm absolutely positive that it shaved about 3 years off of my life. Then we went to this frozen yogurt place where I got some fat-free yogurt that was really good. :) that was probably the best part of the day. then we took a trip to Walmart to get some "real desert" for every one else, because they didn't want to eat my "fake desert" so they all got a treat and for the first time in what I think is Mitchell history, my mom bought me some gum!!! yay! I got the mint chocolate chip ice cream one from Extra- and oh boy is it good! This gum is great because it allows you to enjoy desert without feeling like a fatty because each strip is only 5 calories!!! lemme tell you, it just doesn't get much better than that! Then we all went home and watched our new favorite show that we got on called "Lark rise to Candleford". We love it! it is our favorite family show! watch it! its totally amazing! 
Then on Tuesday, yesterday, Julie, Mom, and I went to the bishop's storage house to give service! It was sooo great to help out all of the patrons that came in and to help out in the back with cleaning or boxing things up. It made me feel really good especially to help out with the patrons. they are so nice and humble and one woman that I helped just needed a friend and once I had helped her, she reached out to me and I gave her the biggest hug that I could because even when our conversation was short and all I did was help to push a cart around a store and give her a smile, that was really all that she needed. It made me feel soo good :) then I went babysitting from 6:30 to 12:30am. I love those kind of jobs because the kids go to bed like an hour after you get there and then you have the rest of the evening to do whatever. so  I brought some crocheting and my kindle to read. I have another job to do tonight from 6:45 to about the same time.... who ever knows what time all of these people will get home? :) but that's okay, because the later they stay out, the more I get payed! and I don't even have to do anything but stay awake! well, that's not all the way true, I clean the house because I always like to leave it better than went I came, so how much free time I have really just depends on how much time I spend on cleaning up. So tonight that is what I will be doing.
Girls camp is in 4 days!!! yay!!! (as you can see, I super duper love girls camp!) oh! btw, this morning we went out to go run some errands and in my mom's friends house, our car broke down! and my mom's friend wasn't home! and my dad was at work and couldn't get out for 1.5 hours. so we were left, in the Texas heat, to wander the neighborhood. which actually wasn't all that bad because we found some really pretty model homes to look at! they always leave them unlocked so any one can just walk in and take a tour of the gorgeous fully-furnished homes. they were sooo pretty!!! and they were air conditioned! so not all that bad. then dad came to rescue us :)yay! then we went to Walmart and got some basket ball shorts for girls camp from the men's section ;) hahaha they are the only ones that are modest! so who cares :) 


  1. Your life is just one "adventure" after another. You've got a great attitude. It will serve you well, especially when some of those "adventures" are a lot less than fun.

    1. Thanx, Nancy, for always reading my blog and posting comments :) It makes me sooo happy to know that someone is reading everything that im putting down :) and yes, I do try to have a positive out look on things :)