Thursday, May 10, 2012

update on me!

Well hello!!! I haven't made a post in a while!

Last Friday and Saturday we had a mini ward camp out in preparation for girls camp. We drove to our bishop's land an hour away and I helped the younger girls with certification. Each of the YCLs where assigned a topic to teach on, my topic was the four steps to treating a victim and how to clean water. Fun times :) We ate tin foil dinners and cobbler. I liked the tin foil dinner, but I don't like cobbler- warm fruit is not my thing, haha :) We set up our tents which in the proses, I got stinging nettle. yuck. I've gotten it before, so it wasn't too bad- i have a pretty high pain tolerance :) we spent the night pranking each other and doing everything but sleeping ;) in the morning, we all got up and ate breakfast and left to go back home. It was really fun!!! I will have to get some pics!!!

On Sunday I had a YCL fireside where all of the YCLs got set apart with a priesthood blessing from a high council member. We had the meeting, then separated by ward to get set apart. It was such a great spiritual experience. I really bonded with the girls in my ward and with the high council member. It was wonderful!

This next Sunday on mothers day, my sister and I have been asked to play our instruments for mothers day prelude.... and we all know what happened last time I played in church... so we will see how this one goes! all I know is we are definitely tying down my music or something!!! haha:)


  1. When and where is your actual girl's camp? Sounds like you guys are ready.

    1. yep! we sure are ready! Its just like an hour away, in Austin. I think its at a place called camp texlake. there are some pics at:
      its june 4th-8th. I will post more info about it later :)