Friday, June 29, 2012

So life has thus been awesome here in Utah :)on wednesday, we went to Temple square again and met up with some of Derek's sisters because they were in town, but we didn't see Suzanne again :( oh well. on thursday, we got up late as usuall [:)] and went to cosco. oh. my. goodness. is there a more glorious store??? (one with food, I mean) there where soo many free samples, I just couldent pass by one! and neather could Melanie or Julie so I didn't feel so bad :) sooo good :) then we just kinda hung out for the rest of the day. we sampled this stake/meat of some sort and it was soo heavenly that we just had to buy it for dinner! it turned out really good :) then today, Melanie's ward youth had a youth conference that Julie and I got to join in with! it has been fun! first, we got up early,(unlike our usual) and gave service at a rest home. it was so fun to spend time with such sweet elderly people and to get to know them and thier life story. then in the evening, we did a missionary activitie where we got a companion and went to a house and gave a lesson. our lesson went really well!!! do you know how I could tell? because the lady we taught was crying and I could also feel the spirit so strongly :) it was great:) tomarrow we are going to go boating all day! I will tell about that one later :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well hello out there, its been a while :)
so after we had our long visit with Heather and Melanie, we all flew back here to Utah yesterday. the flight was okay.... the babies did pretty well for their second flight. this time they had Julie and I to help them :)
sense I have been here only one day, we have started doing lots of things:yesterday after we got here, we went out to eat and I got my first jamba juice in ages... sooo good. then took a shower and went to bed :) then today we got up and showered(again)and we went to temple square in hopes to make a delivery to my dear sister Suzanne, but we unfortunetly did not see her. :( but we will try another day, I totally cant wait to give her the blanket I made for her!!! I can't remember if I said anything about it... but I chrochetted Suzanne this BIG red blanket, it is 6ft by 4.5ft... ya,pretty big in my opinion :) so we had that and a little pakage to deliver... but we will try to see her another time.
Tonight we are going to have a little late birthday dinner for Julie. yay!!! Melanie is the best cook I know so I can't wait to get all sorts of cooking lessons this summer! I will be sure to blog about them all!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well, Melanie,Heather,Lucy,and Jonathan are all here safely and we are having a blast!!! every morning I have woken up with a baby on my face :) so much fun to have these cute kidos here!!! Julie and I must start to pack for the summer... Idk how I'm gonna fit all of my stuff in any number of suitcases..... haha :) look at my parents facebook to see pics... I still need dad to help me to post a bunch of stuff before I leave. I promise I will get to it!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello!!! Mom and Dad are off to go get Melanie,Lucy,Heather, and Jonathan at the airport!!! they will be here soon!! yay! 
The past few days have been pretty chill, we've just been doing a little cleaning... or in other words, we've been doing spring cleaning X 10000000000. ( haha jk ) :) but ya, we have been doing quite a bit in preparation for their arrival :) which I am so happy to do. 
Mom told Julie and I a story about her Dad, my Grandpa. She said that Grandpa loved ice cream. LOVED IT. (and may I say, don't we all? :)) anyways, when he would go home teaching, he used to always look for the ice cream to go on sale. the only thing is, that when the ice cream is on sale, each person can only buy 2 tubs. so my Grandpa would send all of the kids, like my Mom, with coupons through the store to go and buy 2 tubs each. then as they all walked out they had like 10 tubs :) they would then hurry to the people they home taught and drop off the ice cream on their doorstep, knock, and run off. It wasn't a surprise to the families he home taught because he did it all the time. that is the kind of man my Grandpa was. sharing what he loved with others. I love my Grandpa and even though he is not here with us, I know I will see him again one day. Happy Father's day. 
Speaking of Father's day, yesterday was awesome! we went to church as usual, then we had dinner. after dinner, we opened the presents. I crocheted Dad a spiral type thing... its like one of those things that you hang up outside and it blows in the wind... Idk how to describe it :) haha I will have to get a pic of it. speaking of that, I need to put a lot of pics on here! I will make sure to do it before I leave next Monday :) then for Dad also, I found 2 really cute primary songs that are not in the primary hymn book, but they are on the CDs. so I made a little book and wrote down the lyrics and played them. The songs where "Daddy, I love you" and "My Daddy reminds me". It was super awesome. then I wrote him a note in the back pages in the book. it was a super fun day!!! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Melanie, Lucy, Heather, and Jonathan arrive in 2 days!!! so Julie, Mom, and I have been cleaning the house for their arrival. one funny thing that Julie said earlier was "yay! we get to clean in all of the places they won't see!!!" hahaha :) I need to go and clean the refrigerator, so ta ta!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guess what? I have been searching for hours online and have made about 1 billion phone calls and have been put on hold for who knows how long and now I officially know how to get my permit!!! yay! all I have to do is print out this form so I can do the parent taught program, fill it out, send it to the people, wait 2-3 weeks for the parent packet to get here, then the parent packet will tell us all of the things we need to do like having "class room hours" and then I have to read the drivers handbook and then take and pass a written test after I've been sufficiently taught by the packet that my parents will get, THEN I can get my PERMIT. I don't even want to know what I have to do to get my licence......

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hellooooo! so I decided not to do titles anymore because it puts the date and I want to remember when I did this when I'm old ;) hehehe Julie's party was really fun yesterday! It was quite an adventure to get up that early to make pancakes, but I would say they were amazing! so all day Julie and her friends were watching these Lord of the rings movies, but I just can't sit there that long, so in the middle of the day, I decide to go for a run. It looked a little cloudy, but no need to worry. rain won't kill me. BAD IDEA. so I go out to run, and it starts to sprinkle,(and if you know anything about Texas rain storms, when it starts raining, it comes and it comes fast! so then the next thing I knew, it was down pouring!!! so then I REALLY had to start running back to the house. good thing we live in a golf course neighborhood, because I just cut right across it to get back. a word to the wise: don't go running if it looks like its going to rain and you don't want your ipod to get destroyed!
So now I'm fishing around online for all of the info about the ACT test because I need to sign up to take one soon in the fall. AAAHHHH! I FEEL SOO OLD!! ONLY THE OLD PEOPLE HAVE TO TAKE THOSE! I just always remember all of my older siblings taking them, and that means that you apply to collage and then you leave for good! I said it once, and I'll say it again, AAAHHH! I'm too young for this! (not the leaving home part) :) haha I just hope I do well. I guess I never really thought I would get to this point... I mean I knew I would, Its just that it has come to soon! Its crazy to think that I will be taking this test, then applying and going to collage. (hopefully BYU!!!) I still have time, but then again it is coming soon. there are lots of chances for me to take it, so I'm not too worried. :) I'm excited!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Btw, I forgot to mention, but...
One week until Heather, Melanie, Jonathan,and Lucy get here, and two weeks until Julie and I leave with them to go to Utah for the summer!!! yay! hope to see lots of ya'll up there while we are there!!! :):):)

My weekend :)

On Friday when I got back from camp, I talked with my mom about everything that happened, then I took a most excellent shower..... ahhh sooo wonderful to be clean! then when Julie got home we unpacked and ate some good home cooked food and just slept the night away :)
on Saturday my mother was so kind to let us just relax all day so we could recover from all of the drama. then that night, I went out with some of my really good friends from school and went bowling and then got a treat. it was sooooo much fun! my friends are hilarious so it was quite the ab work-out! sooo much fun!
June 10th!!! JULIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! yay! we had a fun day :) she had a yummy slow cooker roast and an ice cream pie for dessert.( and may I say it was superb! ) then she opened her presents and we played one of her favorite games: Monopoly. (I WON!!!) then Julie came over to my room and we had a sleep over without telling mom and dad ;)hehehehe
Then today we didn't really do anthing.... I did some yard work and we did some house work..... oh! tomarrow is Julie's birthday party! she has got the crazyiest thing worked out! she has invited a few friends over and they are all gonna get here at 7:00 AM and they are going to eat breakfast and watch the first LOTR, then eat lunch and watch the second LOTR, then eat dinner and watch the third LOTR, then eat some dessert and go home at 9:00 PM. crazy, huh? I have to get up at 6:00 AM and make pancakes.... fun. I sure will be cheerful...hahah for reals, I will try... jk :) lol :)

I survived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on Monday I got up early and sense I’m a YCL, I got to go up there early! So I had the list of girls sent to me so I knew who I was going to be with, but when I got there, it turned out that I had a different list of girls and different YCLs to be with, but that turned out okay because all of the YCLs I was with were in my ward and the girls where soooo sweet and everything was awesome! So I had brought a bunch of balloons and all sorts of decorations and such to decorate the cabin with, (btw, we went to this new camp and some of the cabins where sooo awesome, like they had AC and nice bedrooms and sorta nice bathrooms, then there where the tree house cabins, which were the ones I was in, and those were pretty gross, like they had a whole lotta bugs and there where TONS of scorpions everywhere! and all sorts of nastiness in the bathrooms, then there where the really bad ones that had a floor, ceiling and screen walls and I didn’t see those, but I hear they where super discussing) so anyways I brought a bunch of stuff to decorate the cabin with so when us YCLs got there to our cabin, we set up our stuff and got everything decorated and then when the girls arrived later that day, we welcomed them in and had a super fun greeting and such. We had dinner which btw, this food really made me miss bovay food, that was the last camp we were at, Yuck! we had FHE and the lighthouse service program, then later that night, we had a PJ dance party, they played primary music- It was soo funny! Then we went back to our cabins and had a fun night of pranks ;)

On Tuesday, we had our flag ceremony and breakfast and such then I had signed up to pass off girls with certification. All. Day. I sat in some faraway place and passed group of girls after group of girls off on the 7 ways to purify water. Now I am THE EXPERT! So let me ask you, do you know the 7 ways to purify water? If not, I can certainly tell you!!! Hahahaha J anyways, I had lunch somewhere in there then went back and did more certification until free time. Oh blessed free time. J so I went to my cabin to find all of my friends to go and do something fun, but I was met by all of the YW stake leaders. They came to me and asked me to do something that was a very big calling and something that would require a lot from me at this camp. It was a really neat experience because it was the perfect fulfillment of the blessing I got when I got set apart to be a YCL. after free time, we had dinner. Then all of the YCLs have been practicing this YCL arise and shine forth program that we did that turned our really awesome! It brought the perfect spirit into the start of camp. Then I went to bed in my new cabin, which I made new friends and we stayed up telling ghost stories all night! Fun stuff J

On Wednesday, we had breakfast and then went on a nature hike!!! Fun stuff because it wasn’t really a hike, it was more like a walk in the park for a realllllllllllly looooooonnnnnnggggg time. So I had a fun time on that with some of my friends :) then we went back to the level cabins to do our skit, then we had our free time. we then had DEAR time, which we did have it on Tuesday also, I just forgot to mention it, but anyways, the YCLs got to give all of the lessons which was super fun to do J So all of the bishops arrived and we had all of the “minute to win it” games and such. Then we had REAL FOOD. OH BLESS THE LEADERS THAT CAME UP AND BROUGHT US SOME REAL FOOD!!!! then we did this cool thing where each ward was assigned a tree in this grove and each ward sang a church song and flashed our flash lights up at the tree when we sang. It was soo cool to bring the spirit in by that way! Then we did the testimony meeting and she came with our entire ward and I bore my testimony. YW camp always has the best spirit. I gain much of my testimony there and I love sharing it in that environment :)

Thursday: we had breakfast then went to do the big service project! We dug a bunch of paths and put gravel on them and pulled a bunch of weeds and stained a bunch of wood benches and posts and put rocks out to line the paths and spread around mulch. Then we had lunch and then all of the YCLs got a party just for us at the pool and we did crafts.The crafts where: making buttons, plaques,bracelet's, and lanterns. then we had some workshops to go and listen to for just the YCLs which were really awesome as usual. One talked about everything to do before you leave for collage (aaaa! It’s coming soon!!!) And the other one talked about relationships. (hehehehe;) ) then dinner and then we had a “sharing your light program” that was awesome. Our whole theme was shining our light and being a light house and service and about being a turning point for someone and thanking those who were turning points for you. Then we had our level testimony meeting which again I bore my testimony. then I helped pull some more pranks on some people ;) hahaha way too fun! Then I pulled an all-nighter which was wicked fun too J

The next morning on Friday was soooo hard to stay awake for the sunrise service. Sooo hard beyond all reason. (what’s that from? “Scary beyond all reason”)haha J Because on all of the other nights I had about 3 hours so no sleep was just crazy!
So I said good bye to everyone and then just the awesome YCLs got to leave with one of the awesome leaders a little bit earlier than everyone else J I was one of the awesome ones :) hahahaha so the ride home was good cuz we stopped just to get a whole lotta ICE CREAM AND GOOD TREATS!!! Haha it was good J
 So ya, that’s my girls camp story  :p 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Yay for girl's camp!!! there are only 15 hours until camp!!! Julie and I are all packed and ready to go due to my amazing organizational skills! I will make sure to take a bunch of pics and post them next week!!! yay! that means you won't hear from me until saturday if I'm not too tired to make a post :) good bye for now!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Thursday and today.... I really need some better titles... any seggestions?

Hey!!!(I was about to say hola, but then I remembered, I'm done with Spanish forever!!!) haha:)
Yesterday I went to a YCL meeting/party to discuss some things that we needed to know right before camp. we learned some new songs, learned about all of the service projects that we are gonna be doing, and about our program that we get to do went we get there and also about all of these times and places that we need to be at. It was super fun!!! Only about half of the YCLs actually showed up, but that's okay, cause we can just fill them in. We also helped to construct the booklets that we get each year. They have all of our songs and our schedule and a map of the camp. This year we are going to a different camp than the one that I have previously gone to. It is much closer and nicer. practically not camping, in my opinion. in our old camp, we had a cement slab with cots and a tent that never closed all the way. and we had these showers/bathrooms that were totally gross and the only place that was air conditioned was the dinning hall. at this new camp that we are going to, we all have cabins which some of them are air conditioned, and a AC dinning hall, and all of the cabins have electricity, which in my opinion is only asking for trouble because then all of the girls are gonna want to bring their hair straighteners and blow dryers. I mean, the last camp was still hardly camping, but this camp.... idk. oh well. I guess it might be different when I get there for the first time. of course, I won't be able to blog :( , but I will post a bunch of pics and tell (you... who ever is reading this) all about it!!! :) 2.more.days.!!!.
Then after I got home from that, I went to one of my friends 16th bday party, it was super fun!!! it was like a mystery scavenger hunt. we walked around the neighborhood from 7pm-10pm and where looking for clues and deciphering a bunch of stuff. it was way fun! then we went back to my friends house and had food and dessert and opened presents and such. I got home a about 11:30pm :) hahaha don't worry :) all of this getting home really late has been throwing off my schedule! for the past 3 nights, I haven't gone to bed before 1am! but hey, what is being a teenager all about anyways? :)
So my mom has made me save all of my money and put it strait in the bank when I get it and I never though it would do any good until I just took out my tithing for the babysitting jobs and my mom deposited the rest of the money in my bank. she showed me how much I had saved up and lets just say that I feel like a "rich man" (it is no longer "oh I wish I where a rich man!") (where is that from?) :) I know its not really that much, but to me it is! SAVE YOUR MONEY! THEN YOU CAN GO TO COLLAGE! haha :)
okay, just one more thing: thank goodness for spell check, otherwise non of y'all would be able to read any of this!!!