Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello!!! Mom and Dad are off to go get Melanie,Lucy,Heather, and Jonathan at the airport!!! they will be here soon!! yay! 
The past few days have been pretty chill, we've just been doing a little cleaning... or in other words, we've been doing spring cleaning X 10000000000. ( haha jk ) :) but ya, we have been doing quite a bit in preparation for their arrival :) which I am so happy to do. 
Mom told Julie and I a story about her Dad, my Grandpa. She said that Grandpa loved ice cream. LOVED IT. (and may I say, don't we all? :)) anyways, when he would go home teaching, he used to always look for the ice cream to go on sale. the only thing is, that when the ice cream is on sale, each person can only buy 2 tubs. so my Grandpa would send all of the kids, like my Mom, with coupons through the store to go and buy 2 tubs each. then as they all walked out they had like 10 tubs :) they would then hurry to the people they home taught and drop off the ice cream on their doorstep, knock, and run off. It wasn't a surprise to the families he home taught because he did it all the time. that is the kind of man my Grandpa was. sharing what he loved with others. I love my Grandpa and even though he is not here with us, I know I will see him again one day. Happy Father's day. 
Speaking of Father's day, yesterday was awesome! we went to church as usual, then we had dinner. after dinner, we opened the presents. I crocheted Dad a spiral type thing... its like one of those things that you hang up outside and it blows in the wind... Idk how to describe it :) haha I will have to get a pic of it. speaking of that, I need to put a lot of pics on here! I will make sure to do it before I leave next Monday :) then for Dad also, I found 2 really cute primary songs that are not in the primary hymn book, but they are on the CDs. so I made a little book and wrote down the lyrics and played them. The songs where "Daddy, I love you" and "My Daddy reminds me". It was super awesome. then I wrote him a note in the back pages in the book. it was a super fun day!!! 

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