Monday, June 11, 2012

I survived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on Monday I got up early and sense I’m a YCL, I got to go up there early! So I had the list of girls sent to me so I knew who I was going to be with, but when I got there, it turned out that I had a different list of girls and different YCLs to be with, but that turned out okay because all of the YCLs I was with were in my ward and the girls where soooo sweet and everything was awesome! So I had brought a bunch of balloons and all sorts of decorations and such to decorate the cabin with, (btw, we went to this new camp and some of the cabins where sooo awesome, like they had AC and nice bedrooms and sorta nice bathrooms, then there where the tree house cabins, which were the ones I was in, and those were pretty gross, like they had a whole lotta bugs and there where TONS of scorpions everywhere! and all sorts of nastiness in the bathrooms, then there where the really bad ones that had a floor, ceiling and screen walls and I didn’t see those, but I hear they where super discussing) so anyways I brought a bunch of stuff to decorate the cabin with so when us YCLs got there to our cabin, we set up our stuff and got everything decorated and then when the girls arrived later that day, we welcomed them in and had a super fun greeting and such. We had dinner which btw, this food really made me miss bovay food, that was the last camp we were at, Yuck! we had FHE and the lighthouse service program, then later that night, we had a PJ dance party, they played primary music- It was soo funny! Then we went back to our cabins and had a fun night of pranks ;)

On Tuesday, we had our flag ceremony and breakfast and such then I had signed up to pass off girls with certification. All. Day. I sat in some faraway place and passed group of girls after group of girls off on the 7 ways to purify water. Now I am THE EXPERT! So let me ask you, do you know the 7 ways to purify water? If not, I can certainly tell you!!! Hahahaha J anyways, I had lunch somewhere in there then went back and did more certification until free time. Oh blessed free time. J so I went to my cabin to find all of my friends to go and do something fun, but I was met by all of the YW stake leaders. They came to me and asked me to do something that was a very big calling and something that would require a lot from me at this camp. It was a really neat experience because it was the perfect fulfillment of the blessing I got when I got set apart to be a YCL. after free time, we had dinner. Then all of the YCLs have been practicing this YCL arise and shine forth program that we did that turned our really awesome! It brought the perfect spirit into the start of camp. Then I went to bed in my new cabin, which I made new friends and we stayed up telling ghost stories all night! Fun stuff J

On Wednesday, we had breakfast and then went on a nature hike!!! Fun stuff because it wasn’t really a hike, it was more like a walk in the park for a realllllllllllly looooooonnnnnnggggg time. So I had a fun time on that with some of my friends :) then we went back to the level cabins to do our skit, then we had our free time. we then had DEAR time, which we did have it on Tuesday also, I just forgot to mention it, but anyways, the YCLs got to give all of the lessons which was super fun to do J So all of the bishops arrived and we had all of the “minute to win it” games and such. Then we had REAL FOOD. OH BLESS THE LEADERS THAT CAME UP AND BROUGHT US SOME REAL FOOD!!!! then we did this cool thing where each ward was assigned a tree in this grove and each ward sang a church song and flashed our flash lights up at the tree when we sang. It was soo cool to bring the spirit in by that way! Then we did the testimony meeting and she came with our entire ward and I bore my testimony. YW camp always has the best spirit. I gain much of my testimony there and I love sharing it in that environment :)

Thursday: we had breakfast then went to do the big service project! We dug a bunch of paths and put gravel on them and pulled a bunch of weeds and stained a bunch of wood benches and posts and put rocks out to line the paths and spread around mulch. Then we had lunch and then all of the YCLs got a party just for us at the pool and we did crafts.The crafts where: making buttons, plaques,bracelet's, and lanterns. then we had some workshops to go and listen to for just the YCLs which were really awesome as usual. One talked about everything to do before you leave for collage (aaaa! It’s coming soon!!!) And the other one talked about relationships. (hehehehe;) ) then dinner and then we had a “sharing your light program” that was awesome. Our whole theme was shining our light and being a light house and service and about being a turning point for someone and thanking those who were turning points for you. Then we had our level testimony meeting which again I bore my testimony. then I helped pull some more pranks on some people ;) hahaha way too fun! Then I pulled an all-nighter which was wicked fun too J

The next morning on Friday was soooo hard to stay awake for the sunrise service. Sooo hard beyond all reason. (what’s that from? “Scary beyond all reason”)haha J Because on all of the other nights I had about 3 hours so no sleep was just crazy!
So I said good bye to everyone and then just the awesome YCLs got to leave with one of the awesome leaders a little bit earlier than everyone else J I was one of the awesome ones :) hahahaha so the ride home was good cuz we stopped just to get a whole lotta ICE CREAM AND GOOD TREATS!!! Haha it was good J
 So ya, that’s my girls camp story  :p 

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