Monday, June 11, 2012

My weekend :)

On Friday when I got back from camp, I talked with my mom about everything that happened, then I took a most excellent shower..... ahhh sooo wonderful to be clean! then when Julie got home we unpacked and ate some good home cooked food and just slept the night away :)
on Saturday my mother was so kind to let us just relax all day so we could recover from all of the drama. then that night, I went out with some of my really good friends from school and went bowling and then got a treat. it was sooooo much fun! my friends are hilarious so it was quite the ab work-out! sooo much fun!
June 10th!!! JULIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! yay! we had a fun day :) she had a yummy slow cooker roast and an ice cream pie for dessert.( and may I say it was superb! ) then she opened her presents and we played one of her favorite games: Monopoly. (I WON!!!) then Julie came over to my room and we had a sleep over without telling mom and dad ;)hehehehe
Then today we didn't really do anthing.... I did some yard work and we did some house work..... oh! tomarrow is Julie's birthday party! she has got the crazyiest thing worked out! she has invited a few friends over and they are all gonna get here at 7:00 AM and they are going to eat breakfast and watch the first LOTR, then eat lunch and watch the second LOTR, then eat dinner and watch the third LOTR, then eat some dessert and go home at 9:00 PM. crazy, huh? I have to get up at 6:00 AM and make pancakes.... fun. I sure will be cheerful...hahah for reals, I will try... jk :) lol :)

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