Friday, June 29, 2012

So life has thus been awesome here in Utah :)on wednesday, we went to Temple square again and met up with some of Derek's sisters because they were in town, but we didn't see Suzanne again :( oh well. on thursday, we got up late as usuall [:)] and went to cosco. oh. my. goodness. is there a more glorious store??? (one with food, I mean) there where soo many free samples, I just couldent pass by one! and neather could Melanie or Julie so I didn't feel so bad :) sooo good :) then we just kinda hung out for the rest of the day. we sampled this stake/meat of some sort and it was soo heavenly that we just had to buy it for dinner! it turned out really good :) then today, Melanie's ward youth had a youth conference that Julie and I got to join in with! it has been fun! first, we got up early,(unlike our usual) and gave service at a rest home. it was so fun to spend time with such sweet elderly people and to get to know them and thier life story. then in the evening, we did a missionary activitie where we got a companion and went to a house and gave a lesson. our lesson went really well!!! do you know how I could tell? because the lady we taught was crying and I could also feel the spirit so strongly :) it was great:) tomarrow we are going to go boating all day! I will tell about that one later :)

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