Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well hello out there, its been a while :)
so after we had our long visit with Heather and Melanie, we all flew back here to Utah yesterday. the flight was okay.... the babies did pretty well for their second flight. this time they had Julie and I to help them :)
sense I have been here only one day, we have started doing lots of things:yesterday after we got here, we went out to eat and I got my first jamba juice in ages... sooo good. then took a shower and went to bed :) then today we got up and showered(again)and we went to temple square in hopes to make a delivery to my dear sister Suzanne, but we unfortunetly did not see her. :( but we will try another day, I totally cant wait to give her the blanket I made for her!!! I can't remember if I said anything about it... but I chrochetted Suzanne this BIG red blanket, it is 6ft by 4.5ft... ya,pretty big in my opinion :) so we had that and a little pakage to deliver... but we will try to see her another time.
Tonight we are going to have a little late birthday dinner for Julie. yay!!! Melanie is the best cook I know so I can't wait to get all sorts of cooking lessons this summer! I will be sure to blog about them all!!!

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