Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its picture time!!!! okay, first of all, sorry for not doing on Sunday like I said I would. (I've been getting some complaints....{cough cough heather} haha)

here is me when I was inducted in to the NHS program at my school.
here is the dinner we had for Julie's birthday when we got here to Utah: tomato juice soup!

 and dessert :) chocolate cream cheese cupcakes!!!
 me licking the wrapper to be silly :) haha

 me being super goofy :) hehehe
that's me being pretty :) hehehe
 that's me being pretty sideways ;) haha
this is me on the Fourth of July hehehe (for all those that don't know me that well, I like to be silly for pics :))
Me again :) Julie likes to get funny shots of me :)
Here is Heather, Dane, and Jonathan :)
 Jonathan is sooo cute!!! I have the cutest nephew!
 what a cute family :)
here is Lucy eating some of her mush
 Derek feeding Lucy her mush...btw, mush=rice cereal
 Deena and Lucy
here are quite a few pics of me holding Jonathan while he was sleeping :)

what a sweetie ;)

 side ways... sorry... if anyone knows how to flip these things around, let me know :)

and that's it for the 4th of July :) Julie didn't get any of me with Lucy sleeping, she was taking pics of the fireworks.

Derek took Julie and I to "The Chocolate" !!!

 super cute shop!

 Julie took pics of me on all of the furniture hehehe :)

hahaha I like those last two :):):)

guess what this is.....
 hehehe me being me :)

 for pictures I love to shove food in my mouth for some reason... it must be my signature pose :)
This is when we went to Temple Spuare and saw SUZANNE!!!
 she is the cutest sister on the Square :):):) I love her :)

Here is just this past Saturday when we went on the walk in the mountains by silver lake
here is a sleeping ducky :) I LOVE DUCKS!!!!!
duck :)

 btw, I did my hair in a braided head band and then pulled it in a ponytail :) I seriously need to do a hair-do blog post !

 chipmunk!!! cute :)
 pretty flower, Julie is quite the photographer!!!
 MORE BABY DUCKS!!! (as you can see, I kinda like baby ducks... but hey, who doesn't?)

 Julie is seriously amazing with the camera... btw, I was going to try to put all of the pics that I have taken on my phone on here, but because my phone is sooooo old, it won't bluetooth to Melanie's iPad. how lame is that. just another reason for me to get a knew phone!!!! :)

 I have THE CUTEST niece in the WHOLE WORLD. after you see these pics, you will agree.

 she's gonna get you if you don't agree :)

well, that's all for now! when I get a better phone or when I get home I will post all of the other pics :)