Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello world! I have a few words of wisdom to impart:

"Dressing immodestly is kind of like rolling in manure. You might get some attention, but it will mostly be from pigs."

--(My sister Melanie said she read it somewhere...)

sooooo, to update on what I've been up to recently, we have just been relaxing. aaahhh, that's what summer is for, right? :) on Monday and we did nothing all. day. it was so great! jk, we did actually go to the gym in Melanie's neighborhood! it was fun! I did the treadmill, the bike, and I tryed the elliptical- but I didn't really like that one. but I did get a pretty good work-out! for dinner, we had this grilled chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on it. oh. my goodness.sss. sooo good.
On Tuesday we went shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and surprisingly, we started and walmart and they totally had cute clothes there!!! and they where modest! I guess that is what being in Utah is, cause in Texas there are practically no modest stuff anywhere. mostly because its soo hot and there are a ton less Mormons there. anywho, I got 3 skirts and 3 shirts; so 3 complete outfits that are Sunday appropriate, yet casual enough to wear to school! PERFECT! Julie got 1 skirt and 1 shirt. for dinner we had raviolini, and boy was that good. yummm. I think next week we are going to try to make home made ravioli :)
Then on Wednesday, Julie and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to do baptisms and confirmations. that was wonderful because I hadn't been feeling good up to that point, but going to the Temple always makes me feel better. :) then when we got home we did a little fashion show on skype for Mom so that we could show her our new clothes! then Julie and I got all packed up and left to go to Heather's house for yesterday and today. :) so yesterday at Heather's we hung up all of her pictures on the walls and now it looks great! we also hung up a canopy above Heather and Dane's bed to surprise Dane when he got home :) hahaha that was fun :)
Today we have just been relaxing and playing with Jonathan :) he is sooo cute and is growing up so fast!

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