Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi!! man I do tend to get busy, its been a while(only a few days... but you know. it still bothers me) haha so on last Friday when we were still at Heather's house, we relaxed and mostly played with Jonathan until Dane got home. then he took us home and Julie and I hung out at Melanie and Derek's all alone for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. hehehe we had fun :)
so on Saturday we slept in (I don't even want to say how late!) and then eventually got up and ate and we decided to watch "despicable me". I love that movie!  so funny!!! then we went babysitting for a little boy in Melanie's ward from 5pm until 11pm. we were there for a long while, but we did get payed :) hehe it was fun to go out babysitting. that is probably one of my favorite things to do. I love kids! then we came home and went strait to bed (not). :) haha.
then on Sunday one of our young women's leaders came and gave us a ride to church. church was awesome as usual, especially because in young women's we got a cupcake! yum! it had bubble gum frosting! holy cow I don't know how she made it, but it was good :) when we got home Julie made a welcome home sign while I took a nap :) then later in the evening Melanie, Derek, and Lucy got home!! yay!
On Monday, Melanie Julie and I had a goal that we were gonna exercise! so we went on a walk/jog. then we went to the store and got some ingredients to make a pumpkin cake to bring to Derek's family dinner/bbq. if you are anything like me, you love and are addicted to anything pumpkin! aaahhh. soo good! and I got to make the frosting! the family gathering was fun :) especially because I was not related to anyone there and Derek has some pretty awesome cousins... ;)
then yesterday we got up and did a Jillian Micheal's exercise video which has made me more sore that I had anticipated :) haha then we all got ready and went to Costco. that store is amazing, just like Sam's club! we got lots of stuff, then we got a churro and one non-fat swirl yogurt and split both of those in to three so that Julie, Melanie and I could all have a snack for less than $4!! that is so much better cause the portion sizes are huge! seriously, the churro was like 1.5 feet long and the yogurt was in a huge cup! we then drove home and Julie made dinner with Melanie's help. we had tomato juice soup, a Mitchell specialty :) and because Lucy was not feeling good last night, we decided to do FHE on Tuesday instead. Julie and I got to give the lesson! I did my portion of the lesson on M. Russell Ballard's April 2012 talk called "that the lost may be found". and I think I did a pretty good job :) then Julie did hers on enduring to the end. she did a good job too :) then Melanie had the activity and we watched "ratarouille" that is such a cute movie!
as for today, we haven't been up to much, we didn't exercise because again Lucy was not feeling good, she just has a cold. she will get better soon :) I got up a folded all of the laundry for Melanie because she had been up all night with Lucy and watched her so Melanie could shower. then Melanie went visiting teaching and Julie and I took Lucy for a walk outside. she just loves to be out side!!! then we have been relaxing, Melanie and I tried this new stir fry stuff from Costco that is AMAZING!!! I have just been reading one of my favorite blogs called "My yellow sandbox". it is of this cute LDS lady that knows how to do her hair just like me and she has a really cute family. I just started following it and I posted a comment in hopes that she would come and read my blog, so, we shall see if it works :) btw, today for my hair style I did a spiral on the back of my head, it looks so awesome! yesterday I did a waterfall and then the other day I did this cool thing that is kinda hard to explain.... I really need to put more pics on here. I promise I will get to it! haha :) for mutual tonight we are learning how to make a dinner and desert, so it should be way fun!!! I love food! haha I make myself laugh, I am so silly sometimes :)

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