Monday, July 2, 2012

On saturday, Julie and I went on the boating trip with Melanie's ward. it was fun..... well, I mean Julie had a great time. haha, I guess I'm just not much of a boater. we got up early and met at the building and then drove down to deer creek. we got a pavilian and set all of our stuff down, then there was this cliff thing that we had to hike down. then at the bottom of the clif, there was really sharp rocks,which may I say were deffinetly (not) fun! then the water was pretty much the coldest water I have ever felt in my entire life. probably because we were in the canyon. so I got on the boat with Julie and some other friends. the first thing I tryed was the raft thing, its like a raft that you lie down on your stomach and hold on to the handle and then the boat drags you everywhere. I asked if they could go slow, but somehow I still got knocked over face down into the cold water. hahaha :) (although at the time I was soo not laughing) :) so then I just stayed on the land and dried off. one of the leaders in the ward then offered to take me on a wave runner! now that was fun. way fun. mostly because all I had to do was hold on to the person in front of me and I had a guarantee of not falling off! the only thing is, me and my clumsy self when trying to get off the wave runner as gracefully as possible, I totally fell into the water again getting soaked. so then I was kinda sick of the water and I just stayed under the pavilian or on the cement sunbathing :) that was probably the best part :) I think my hair got lighter too, so that was good :) although I did get sun burned pretty  bad. overall a fun trip :)yesterday we went to church in Melanie's ward. they only have 5 youth, including us! the other 3 are young men. so Julie and I get to reactivate all of the other young women! yay! then in the evening we all went to Deena's house for a family get to gether. it was fun to see some of the family that I havent seen in such a long while! :)
today we havent done much..... we are probably going to go to the store. Lucy is just as cute as ever and she has started eating some rice cereal!!! yay!

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