Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday July 28, 2012

Hello friends, family, and other random people that read this blog that I do not know! (I only say that because I am one of those blog stokers) hahaha :) It has been a while!!! like, a really long while! 10 days! holy cow! so... I don't know if I will be able to remember everything I've been up to.... but I will give it a shot!
Wednesday the 18th: I think I ended my last post on that day, so for mutual we learned how to make stuffed manicoti. so. good. holy cow. then for dessert we made Oreo bark. so. good. times like, 1000. yummmmm!
Thursday the 19th: lets see... we mostly hung around because Melanie's back was hurting.
Friday the 20th: we went to the neighborhood called Day Break that is right by the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and we went to look at some of the model homes! it was soo fun because all of the models have all of the amazing upgrades so it was fun to look around! I love looking in all of the rooms and around all of the cupboards, it makes me feel like I'm snooping in someones house, but I'm allowed to!!! can't remember what else we did... we had fish for dinner... and anyone that knows me knows that my taste buds don't really work, therefore everything kinda tastes the same. so Melanie was like "this fish is good, doesn't taste like any other!" and guess what this tilapia tasted just like salmon, halibut, shrimp, any other sea food. it was good, just tasted like every other fish in the sea. although everyone else seemed to think it was very flavorful :)
Saturday the 21st: Melanie, Julie, Lucy and I got up early so that we could head out for the farmer's market, but for some odd reason it wasn't there. so to sooth our poor feelings, we went and toured some more model homes :):) and this time as you go down the line of them, they get bigger and bigger. the very last house we went in was 7200 square feet. we call it "the mansion". holy cow, this house was big enough to fit like 5 families. seriously, it was HUGE. and so beautiful, with all of the upgrades you could ever want. it was sooo pretty. the master bedroom was ginormous and the bathroom: HUGE. the shower had 2 shower heads and there was a huge separate bath tub. but wait, there's more! the closet: pretty much as big as my room. it was so huge that it had an island and cupboards and  shelves and so many racks, one could not even dream of filling this place up! it had the biggest everything. I'll post some pics later. then we came home and... I can't really remember what we did. oh well. :)
Sunday the 22nd: We all went to church, you know, did the usual Sunday stuff. I wrote letters to Suzanne and Spencer :)
Monday the 23rd: I can't really remember what we did... I think we were going to go to Temple square, but Lucy wasn't feeling well so we stayed home.
Tuesday the 24th: This day was Pioneer day!!! and it was also Lucy's 6 month birthday!!! yay! on this day we went to Temple square and we were just looking around hoping to run into Suzanne and...... we did!!!Finally!!! right as soon as we were about to leave we saw her and her new cute companion!!! we got some good pics and had a super fun time visiting with her :) :) :) yay!!!
Wednesday the 25th: Lucy had her 6 month appointment and she had to get 2 shots :( it was super sad :( but they will keep her healthy. that's the good part. then we just kinda hung around at home so that Lucy could recover a bit.
Thursday the 26th: all I can remember is that we had chicken and dumplings for dinner and it was soooooo good!!! yyuummmm :) haha
Friday the 27th (yesterday): yesterday was amazing!!!! Melanie, Julie, Lucy, and I all got up at 7 AM (holy cow that is early considering I don't get up in the mornings... hehe) and we all went for a nice long walk out side. we were gonna go for a jog, but Melanie had been up for a while with Lucy, so we just called it our practice :) then we came back and had breakfast and got ready for the day. then we left with Derek to Salt lake city and dropped him off at his fancy hotel where he gets to eat and have meetings all day(lucky!) and Julie, Melanie, Lucy and I when........ SHOPPING AT CITY CREEK!!! its only the biggest, and best mall there is in the whole world! it was like, my dream mall, you know, the one that you see in the movies and its huge with a million different stores and fountains and FOOD and CLOTHES and all sorts of amazingness. (as you can see I am easily impressed and satisfied) haha. so first we went to forever 21, man, I love that place, and I got 2 shirts that where way cute and I think Melanie got a shirt or two also, but Julie didn't find anything that she liked. then we went to Love culture, but didn't really find anything. then we were getting hungry, so we went to the most amazing place in the whole world that I had not ever been to up to that point: THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!! holy cow, it was pretty much the awesomest place in the whole world. I have never been in a more fancy place for lunch ever. (more of my easily amused self... but hey, it is pretty awesome) I got this really awesome salad and Julie got eggs, toast, and hash browns, and Melanie got a salad also. we ran into some of Melanie's friends and so we ate with them. now for dessert: Melanie and I split this chocolate cake cheesecake fudge cheesecake layered slice that was *amazing* and Julie got this other chocolate cheesecake yummyness. oh. my. goodness. gracious. super good, but probably shaved a few years off my life ;) haha :) then after lunch, we went to H&M at which Julie and Melanie found some cute stuff and I got some hair flowers. we then dropped by Tiffany's just to look at all of the super duper fancy schmancy jewelery, just for fun :) some day I will get something from there..... then we went to the Godiva chocolate store just for the free samples :) haha then we finished off with Macy's and didn't really find anything, so we left and went to go and pick up Derek.
and today: today Julie and I slept in till.... well lets say it was late. then when we got up we started cleaning the house because we have not done Saturday jobs in a while. so know the house is all clean!!! yay! we just got back from a "hiking" trip! we went up in the canyon to where silver lake is and we walked around it and got a bunch of good pics! there where a bunch of cute baby ducks!!! tomorrow I am officially going to post pics because it is a Sunday afternoon and I promise promise promise I will. we loaded all of the pics on the computer, so all I have to do is put them on here, so whoever is reading this, be prepared for the wrath of pictures coming. because they are coming!!! :):):)

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