Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wow its been a while! On Monday we had a pie day! we went to the store to get all of the ingredients so that Melanie could teach me how to make a chicken pot pie for dinner! that was way fun to make all of the veggies and the gravy and the crust. the only thing is, we forgot to put the chicken in it!!! haha :) so it was more like a veggie pie :) then for dessert, we made a peanut butter ice cream pie with and Oreo crust with home made hot fudge on it.... oh. my. goodness. I don't think I've ever been that close to heaven. seriously. so choice.
On Tuesday, we were extremely lazy all day long. so great ;) I didn't get up till 12:15 in the afternoon, the we sat around watching Julie try to make an origami thing out of a giant blanket. then we tryed to decide what movie to watch.... we finally decided on Julie and Julia. I love that movie!!! then we kinda sat around some more and.... ya. that was that day :) hehehe
On Wednesday (the 4th of July!) we got up reasonably (9:30 am) and had a wonderful breakfast of: lemon blueberry pancakes, waffles, and BACON! yuummm! then I went babysitting for someone that is in Melanie's ward that I had met on Sunday. the couple had one 8 month old so it was super easy :) and I got some sweet moolah :):):) then when I got back, we made some dessert for the family dinner that we were going to attend. we made these kabobs that had marshmallows, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. then we made some brownies :) so we went to the family pot luck thing in Deena's yard, that was super fun to be with most of my mother's side of the family :) we then all traveled to Temple hill where we watched the fire works together :) I held Jonathan and he slept for a good long while in my arms before the fire works started, but then he woke up and played for a bit, then Julie was holding crying Lucy and wanted a turn with the happy baby, so I traded her. I walked around with Lucy and soon she fell asleep in my arms. then the fire works started and she stayed asleep the whole time because I was pretending to be her vibration chair that she usually sleeps in. then an hour after the fire works ended, she woke up. everyone is always so impressed with how I am with kids and babies... I don't really know what it is... but I guess its just one of my talents, and I love it :):):) My brother in law said to me "not just anyone can keep a baby asleep while there are gunshots going on." :) my arms ached after jiggling them so much :) haha.
Thursday it rained... ah, I love rain sooo much! rain is my favorite weather :) Derek went and picked up Julie and I's mattresses so that we wouldn't have to sleep on an air bed for the rest of the summer :) yay! then, while they were at it, Melanie and Derek got a new mattress too! Its like this cushy stuff that you see in the commercials that leaves the hand print on the bed. ahhhh I'm soo jealous!! then we went to Costco! I love that place, its so great, lots of fun stuff there in really bulk sizes, great for all of these Mormon families :) haha :)
then on Friday we did lots of house work. It feels so good to get the house clean :) then Derek took Julie and I to "The Chocolate" sooo heavenly! I got this cookie Ice cream thing that was sooo good :):):) then Derek had this family reunion that he and Melanie were going to go to that lasted from Friday through Saturday, so we went to stay with Heather, Dane and Jonathan! we had fun! so for dinner that night we had home made pizza at Heather's house- yum! my family is just full of good cooks! then Heather and Dane went on a date so that Julie and I could watch Jonathan. that was fun to hang out with him and put him to bed, then eat some ice cream :) hehe isn't that what your supposed to do went the kids are in bed?! :) haha. then we watched coneheads on my kindle. that movie is so stupidly hilarious :) love it :) we then, when they got home, watched "emperor's new groove"! I love that movie, soo funny :) the next day we got up really early (8:00 am [as you can see I am not a morning person, haha]) then we all got ready and went to Heather and Dane's old apartment so that they could get their deposit and then we got a change of address form. My cousin's daughter's baptism was at a chapel that was really close, so we decided to walk over there once we got home. but as it turns out, there was alot of construction and we had to take the long way around... good exercise though. :) then we  went to sears so that Heather and Dane could got their very own washer and dryer!!! yay! then after the long decision process, the picked one out and they will get it next week or something. then we came home and had a water balloon fight in the back yard!!! that was super duper fun :) Melanie and Derek then came and got Julie and I and we went to watch some more fire works with Derek's family. I had fun meeting some of his extended family members (which I am not related to, which may I say was rather convenient ;) . ) haha.
today we went to church and then we have just been hanging out :) for dinner we had this chicken stuff that had some bread crumbs on it. it was super good! we had it with a salad and potatoes. salad is soooo good. man, all I do is talk about what we have been eating! I guess that's all we have been doing... haha I feel like such a fatty! oh yeah, and for dessert we had this chocolate peanut butter sheet cake.... aaahhh it was so Divine! okay, new weeks resolution: we are sooo doing some exercise videos tomorrow and we are going on jogs and all of that good stuff. in fact, for mutual this week we are going to hike Ensign peak! I've never done it, so I'm way excited! yay! this week I will also make more posts so that I don't end up sitting here for several hours racking my brain thinking of what I did this week :) and it won't be this ridiculously long! okay, I'm finally all done!

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