Monday, July 9, 2012

Yay!!! I am FINALLY posting pics!

here is Julie and I when we did a skype chat with Mom and Dad 2 weeks ago. Dad got a weird shot of me eating :)

this is when we were dropping off Suzanne at the air port so she could go back to Utah.

we found this colorful long horn/cow thing out side of the air port :)
This is where we went to eat after we dropped her off :)

Julie and I at a restaurant
Me being silly :)

Pics of Maine and my Dad :)

we put a basket in the cart return at HEB :) hehe couldn't help it :)

Some pics of me when I got my Patriarchal blessing, I think I already posted some of these... oh well :)
Me being silly :)

Me and Julie, this is one of my favorite pictures of us :)
eating dessert :)

Random chip shaped like a guy...
Me inside the chip :)

Julie and I at Halloween
Julie was a grandma and I was a pioneer... I just used my old trek clothes from last summer :)
all of the CANDY that we got :))

The hat that I crocheted for Dad on his birthday last year
Us eating at Dad's birthday
Me being silly again :) haha

My hair

Me on the first day of school last year

Me reenacting Coneheads :) haha

My 80s hair-do

Me on Mother's day
sorry,  its sideways... can't figure out how to flip it.. :)
My hair

Julie and I matching for church. sorry, all of these are side ways too...

Me waking up with Lucy

Me shoving something in my mouth... :)

Me and Lucy

okay, here are some pics of me and the fam when I was really little, we went to a zoo :)

The end!!! I'm going to load some more from the camera and my phone soon, so keep reading :)

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  1. I liked the pictures. I think that is one of the first time I've seen Julie smile and not make a funny face! : )