Friday, September 28, 2012

By the way, I really need to put some pics on here... my hair has gotten soooo much longer! and I have taught myself so many more things with it! I will get to it... just keep bugging me about it then I will get to it. haha :)
Wow. I don't know how many of my posts start with "It's been a while" but this time, I really mean it! Holy cow!
Soooo, school is going good... sort of...
I'm taking alot of Pre-AP and AP classes and they are really loading down on me. Its alot of work and hard work too. I constantly have home work and stuff I'm doing. If any one has any suggestions of how to get everything done and still feel relaxed, PLEASE, tell me!!! I know exercise is good... but that's the thing, I just don't have time to go for a run besides Saturdays. I'm trying to make good grades. I'm also in quite a few clubs that I'm trying to keep track of. I'M SOOO BUSY! this is crazy. last year was soo much easier than this year, but I guess it is to be expected, it is my junior year.
Seminary is going really awesome. We are studying the New Testament this year and I love it!!! My seminary teacher is soo amazing and hilarious! If you know me, I ain't always in the best mood in the morning (never) and so he always puts me in a good mood :)
Tomorrow I'm going to do all of my jobs and homework, then me and my friend, Katie, are going to goodwill to look at Halloween costumes, then Katie and I are going to another friends house, Tanner, to build a catapult for a physics project. its a good thing we have a boy in our group because I have no idea how to build a catapult :) haha
For Halloween I was thinking that I'd be an 80s girl cause then I can do my hair crazy poofy!!! but we will see what I can find at goodwill :) any suggestions? I'm open!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yes.... I am still alive. okay, I haven't made a post in like a whole month. that's crazy!!! but here I am! okay, I'll give you a run down of my August in list form:
-Went to 7 peaks with Heather, Dane, and Julie
-babysat Jonathan for Heather and Dane's anniversary
-Went to BYU with Melanie, Julie, and Lucy
-Mom, Dad, Brian, and Jenny all got to Utah
-Brian, Jenny, Me, Julie, and some of Jenny's family all went camping in the mountains
-Mom and I went to Temple Square and saw Suzanne
-Dad, Mom, Me, and Julie all drove back to Texas
-I started right on my school summer assignment (reading "Wuthering Heights" and annotating it and memorizing 75 vocab SAT words) finished all of that in one week... most painful week of my life
-I'm in a club where we help the freshmen get to know the school and stuff so I did fish camp
-then school started!

So, that was the wrap up of my summer :) My schedule for school is this:
"A" days
1) speech
2)AP English III
3)US history
and I have A lunch- hooray!!!
"B" days
5)pre-AP physics
6)pre cal
8)child development
I have B lunch- still good!

I'm pretty happy with my schedule, mostly happy that nothing is messed up, I got everything I signed up for :) yay!! although, for the past 2 years I've had A lunch both days, so having B lunch is kinda different, but hey, I'm not complaining because at least its not C or D lunch!
well, that's all for now, pics are coming... maybe... :) haha oh yeah! and there is also seminary, I have the same teacher as last year, only this year they split up the class by grade, upper class men in one class and lower class men in the other. I'm in the the upper class men :) can you believe it??? I'm in the 11th grade!!!!!! crazy!!!!! I feel so old! haha :)