Friday, September 28, 2012

Wow. I don't know how many of my posts start with "It's been a while" but this time, I really mean it! Holy cow!
Soooo, school is going good... sort of...
I'm taking alot of Pre-AP and AP classes and they are really loading down on me. Its alot of work and hard work too. I constantly have home work and stuff I'm doing. If any one has any suggestions of how to get everything done and still feel relaxed, PLEASE, tell me!!! I know exercise is good... but that's the thing, I just don't have time to go for a run besides Saturdays. I'm trying to make good grades. I'm also in quite a few clubs that I'm trying to keep track of. I'M SOOO BUSY! this is crazy. last year was soo much easier than this year, but I guess it is to be expected, it is my junior year.
Seminary is going really awesome. We are studying the New Testament this year and I love it!!! My seminary teacher is soo amazing and hilarious! If you know me, I ain't always in the best mood in the morning (never) and so he always puts me in a good mood :)
Tomorrow I'm going to do all of my jobs and homework, then me and my friend, Katie, are going to goodwill to look at Halloween costumes, then Katie and I are going to another friends house, Tanner, to build a catapult for a physics project. its a good thing we have a boy in our group because I have no idea how to build a catapult :) haha
For Halloween I was thinking that I'd be an 80s girl cause then I can do my hair crazy poofy!!! but we will see what I can find at goodwill :) any suggestions? I'm open!


  1. Have fun shopping! Keep us posted on your costume! I'm sure you will find something awesome cause your creative.

  2. Ask Derek how to make a catapult....he did that with the Webelos last year. :) also, I love your idea for doing an 80s costume! Just wear lots of neon colors and some "stretchy pants" hahaha :)