Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello!!! Soo, an update on me: SCHOOL IS HARD AND STRESSFUL! Holy cow! I have lots of work all the time. But recently I have been making really good gades! Like on my last pre-cal I got a 92%!!! that may sound whimpy, but for a person who can't do math its a good grade :)
Seminary is good as usuall, I'm really enjoying it, I've made some new friends from the other wards in the upper classmen class. My teacher is lots of fun, he always makes it exciting and it puts me in a good mood :)
HALLOWEEN!!!!! IMMA GONNA BE A SHEEP!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited! It was Melanie's idea, so give her credit :) I'll post pics for sure of all that.
Sometimes I kinda hate blogging because all that you people out there get to see is the good stuff. which is not a bad thing, I'm just trying to say that I'm a normal person and my life is not all cupcakes and butterflies, you know?
Well, enough of that :) have a good day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hey! I'm at school so I'm going to have to make this quick. I'm in my speech class and I'm writing a speech on "the effects of drugs and alcohol on a baby and her mom".... fun, right?
Seminary is wonderful as usual :)
General Conference was AMAZING this year especially :) I really enjoyed it. I love getting those talks where its like a topic that you have really been praying about and then you finally get the perfect answer! Does that happen to anyone else? Because it happens to me every time :)
Soooo, anyone who is reading this should follow my blog because I love followers!!!
Have a lovely day!

Monday, October 1, 2012

HEY GUYS!!! GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! I HAVE OVER 1,000 PAGE VIEWS!!!!!!!! YAY!
Keep makeing all of your friends look at my blog!
Okay, I'm done :P haha just had to throw that out there :)
any who... soo Saturday I didn't find any good costumes... :( but I think we will go back and look again cause we only looked for like a half hour before we had to leave to build the catapult!
So, the catapult: super fun to build!! I didn't know what I was doing, but the boys did so it was all good :) we built it out of pipes... pbc... or bbc... they said it so fast so I couldn't really tell what they were called. we made it pretty big, it shot the tennis ball 15-20 feet when we tested it. I think we will get a pretty good grade :)
I don't think I mentioned anything about homecoming!!! I'll tell you: My friends and I all got together and had a pre-home-coming-game-party, then we all drove to the game together. It was super intense. it was a home game, we had to go into over time twice! The game ended at midnight haha so I didn't get home till 1 ;) It was really fun :) although, the only really bad part was I didn't get a mum!!!!!! I haven't gotten one for the past years and this year I wanted one, but no one else wanted to make one with me :( BUT, NEXT YEAR I WILL HAVE ONE!!! haha I just think they are so fun!!
This Saturday my friends and I are having a breakfast/game thing all together from like 8-10 AM before conference starts. I'm sooo excited for both the morning and conference!!! I can't wait to hear from the Prophet and all of the other church leaders. I love taking notes and reading them later with the conference talks that come out in the Ensign so I can compare what I heard verses what I read. The next mutual after General Conference our young women's always does Conference jeopardy :) super fun, especially if you take good notes!
Seminary is going really well. I feel like I say that every time I talk about my life is that I'm really liking seminary!!! I don't know why this year its really great... maybe because I'm older and I appreciate it more... I don't know. But any ways, I'm really liking it, (despite my lack of sleep from getting up at at least 5:20 AM every morning) haha but its good for me :)
Pictures... I know. later. I'm soo busy with school right now. you would probably not believe me if I tried to name everything I'm doing.