Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello!!! Soo, an update on me: SCHOOL IS HARD AND STRESSFUL! Holy cow! I have lots of work all the time. But recently I have been making really good gades! Like on my last pre-cal I got a 92%!!! that may sound whimpy, but for a person who can't do math its a good grade :)
Seminary is good as usuall, I'm really enjoying it, I've made some new friends from the other wards in the upper classmen class. My teacher is lots of fun, he always makes it exciting and it puts me in a good mood :)
HALLOWEEN!!!!! IMMA GONNA BE A SHEEP!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited! It was Melanie's idea, so give her credit :) I'll post pics for sure of all that.
Sometimes I kinda hate blogging because all that you people out there get to see is the good stuff. which is not a bad thing, I'm just trying to say that I'm a normal person and my life is not all cupcakes and butterflies, you know?
Well, enough of that :) have a good day!

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  1. Have some fun tonight. A sheep. Like Shawn the Sheep? Once I was a cow, utter and all. That won me a prize at work. I was also a pig once with a bunch of little pigs attached to the front of the costume