Monday, October 1, 2012

HEY GUYS!!! GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! I HAVE OVER 1,000 PAGE VIEWS!!!!!!!! YAY!
Keep makeing all of your friends look at my blog!
Okay, I'm done :P haha just had to throw that out there :)
any who... soo Saturday I didn't find any good costumes... :( but I think we will go back and look again cause we only looked for like a half hour before we had to leave to build the catapult!
So, the catapult: super fun to build!! I didn't know what I was doing, but the boys did so it was all good :) we built it out of pipes... pbc... or bbc... they said it so fast so I couldn't really tell what they were called. we made it pretty big, it shot the tennis ball 15-20 feet when we tested it. I think we will get a pretty good grade :)
I don't think I mentioned anything about homecoming!!! I'll tell you: My friends and I all got together and had a pre-home-coming-game-party, then we all drove to the game together. It was super intense. it was a home game, we had to go into over time twice! The game ended at midnight haha so I didn't get home till 1 ;) It was really fun :) although, the only really bad part was I didn't get a mum!!!!!! I haven't gotten one for the past years and this year I wanted one, but no one else wanted to make one with me :( BUT, NEXT YEAR I WILL HAVE ONE!!! haha I just think they are so fun!!
This Saturday my friends and I are having a breakfast/game thing all together from like 8-10 AM before conference starts. I'm sooo excited for both the morning and conference!!! I can't wait to hear from the Prophet and all of the other church leaders. I love taking notes and reading them later with the conference talks that come out in the Ensign so I can compare what I heard verses what I read. The next mutual after General Conference our young women's always does Conference jeopardy :) super fun, especially if you take good notes!
Seminary is going really well. I feel like I say that every time I talk about my life is that I'm really liking seminary!!! I don't know why this year its really great... maybe because I'm older and I appreciate it more... I don't know. But any ways, I'm really liking it, (despite my lack of sleep from getting up at at least 5:20 AM every morning) haha but its good for me :)
Pictures... I know. later. I'm soo busy with school right now. you would probably not believe me if I tried to name everything I'm doing.

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  1. How fun! I wish we could watch conference together. I would make cinnamon rolls and you could snuggle on the couch with everyone's favorite blanket. :) I am glad you are enjoying seminary so much! Love ya!