Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello!! Life is busy busy busy!!! I'll tell you all about whats been happening recently. I'm signed up for the ACT on Dec. 8th. Wish me luck, I'll probably take it another 2 times next semester too. I'm trying to study...
School is hard and busy. I'm doing lots of homework and such, trying to get good grades. I have all A's except for precal and pre-AP physics. I have B's in those. But hey, those classes are tough!!!
Seminary is wonderful, I really like our class and I love the New Testament.
There was a stake dance this past Saturday!!! It was sooooo much fun!!! It was one of those dances that just rocks, seriously! I got all dressed up and I got asked to dance practically every dance! It was amazing :) I took lots of pictures, I will post pictures eventually. We have another dance this Saturday, only its a tri-stake... those dances are not always fun because they always have like a million people and you get really hot and gross and no one can move without touching someone else somewhere akward soooo... yeah. I'm still going of course, it will just be interesting :)
Today it is super duper cold out side... like 39 or 40 degrees!!!!!!!!!! at least, that's cold for me!! haha :)
Halloween was super fun too! I was a sheep!!! I glued a bunch of cotton balls on a white shirt and put some in my hair. I loved my costume! I got lots of pics of that too :) I will post them soon. maybe over thanks giving.
Well, thats all folks! feel free to ask me any questions in the comments if you are wondering about anything else :) tata!