Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hey!!!!!!!! Where did I leave off before I forgot that I had a blog..... haha :)
Thanks giving was great! Ate lots of food! No one came over or anything, just hung out around the house. December has been really busy! All of my classes got harder and harder and I got really stressed out and busy with orchestra, school, church, family... all that jazz. Today was the last day of school for the semester and all I gotta say is I'm sooo glad its OVER!!!!!! Finals are stressing.
Heather, Dane, and Jonathan are coming for Christmas! Dane's family is driving down here to be with one of Dane's sisters and so we get to see Heather even though its technically the "spouses" turn for Christmas. Next Christmas will be the best because Spencer and Suzanne will be off their missions and then the whole family is coming back here for Christmas!!!!!!! It will be amazing :)
I just gotta say really fast that I am so grateful for all of the experiences that I go through and for all that my friends, leaders, and family do for me. High school can be really tough and its always good to know that you have people that you can count on to encourage you and to get you through the hard times in life.
Well tonight we are going to see The Hobbit... I hear that everyone wants to go and see it... I guess I'm just not much of a LOTR fan. I like the music and the movies, but its just a once-a-year kind of movie for me. I'll tell ya how good it is.
I'm super excited for Heather to get here!!!! I can't wait to see her!
I need to post pics of my hair and of all those other things that I keep saying I'll do but never actually get to it. Someday.
I drove for the first time over the weekend! I was in a parking lot with my dad and I drove around in it! :D   I'm a good driver, I think it comes naturally for girls :)
We shall see if I can manage some pics of our visitors and of Christmas sometime soon :)