Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey! So things that have happened since September... Being a senior is awesome! I have hardly any homework and I'm enjoying being kind of lazy :) haha. Christmas has been great, all of the family has come here for Christmas and so its been fabulous to see everyone. I've applied to BYU Provo and Idaho and I'm excited to find out in January or February where I get accepted to. I really, really, like, REALLY want to go to BYU Provo. 
Here's my list of stuff I still need in order to go to college: (it was bigger before Christmas, but I got a few things on my list yay)

Stuff I need for college
Underlined= stuff I really need
not underlined= stuff I want

Kitchen stuff:
  • pots
  • cookie sheets
  • plates (set)
  • bowls (set)
  • silverware (set)
  • mugs
  • kitchen knives (set)
  • cooling rack
  • wooden spoons
  • containers (set)
  • hand mixer/ kitchen aid
  • blender (magic bullet)
  • toaster?
  • cutting boards
  • recipes/recipe book

  • long sleeved shirts
  • coats/ jackets/ sweaters
  • boots
  • flare jeans (if byui)
  • leather pants!!
  • overalls

  • MONEY/ gift cards

  • cleaning supplies
  • rags
  • laundry basket
  • laundry soap
  • dish sponge
  • dish towels
  • wash cloths
  • towel set
  • heating pad
  • suitcase set
  • new phone
  • laptop
  • printer
  • bed set
  • a boyfriend hehe ;)

I'm still working at Subway, but I'm getting super sick of it and so I've applied to HEB and I'm hoping that I'll get the job there. I'll have more hours and better pay :) I need all the money I can get to save up for college.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Howdy Yall! It feels so AWESOME to be a senior in high school!!! :D Its so fun to go to school and seminary with Julie and to see her all the time! This week is homecoming!!! My friends and I made some awesome mums to wear!!! Suzanne is married!!!! aaahhhhh!!!!! She and Lyle got married in the San Antonio Temple this past week, and they are cute as ever :) I can't wait until I get married in the Temple to my sweet heart :) Here's some pics from things I've been up to over the summer/recently:

Yummy food...
 Me and Suzanne face masking ourselves :)
My out fit for one of the days of school... :)

 Me in another outfit...
 Me being pretty :)

 More school outfits... (girl... you are so fashionable!) haha

 I love the way you do that hair :) 

 MY MUM!!! for homecoming :) I made it myself!!!
Me and baby Elsie back in june :) she's a cutie! 

 Cute Jonathan :)
 Me being pretty some more :) 

I FINALLY finished my seminary teachers blanket!!!!

 and.... I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think???

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

OH. MY. GOODNESS. It has been such a looooooong time!!! I've gotten so many complaints!!! haha. Well... a lot has happened sense my wisdom teeth. Girls camp was wonderful as always. Suzanne got home from her mission- it has been so good to see her again! She is now engaged and getting married in September!!! Yay! It will be the 4th of my sibling's wedding so by now I know exactly what I want for my wedding :) 
This summer I got a job at Subway, just like Suzanne! It has been so much fun and I love saving up for college. Paying more than $3 of babysitting tithing has been so cool too, I feel like I'm now really making a contribution. I've had many neat experiences and fun (or not so fun) people to work with! I love my boss, he's really awesome. That's the most important thing, right? :) I'm planning to keep the job until I go to college, so for another year. Maybe I'll find another subway up in Utah or where ever I go to college!
School is coming soon! I'll be a SENIOR!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited, this year is going to be lots of fun. All of my family is coming here for Christmas this year so we will all be together again for the first time in forever!
Spencer gets home in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 10 days!!!! yay!!!! I'm soooo excited to see him, it has been wayyy too long. Its like getting to know someone all over again, if he has changed as much as I have :) 
I got asked to be the seminary president this year!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! Although, I was honestly surprised because I'm NOT a morning person... but I totally love my seminary teacher, he's THE BEST. No joke. And I bet it will help for my BYU application if I'm seminary president and if he'll write me a good report :) We will study the Book Of Mormon this year. 

So, I feel like I should write some things just about me in general... just so I can go back and read it and see what I was like when I was younger... 
So I used to not want to go on a mission at all, but now that the age has changed and because of Suzanne's and Spencer's influence, I am very much open to the idea. I feel like there is a reasonable likelihood. It just depends. Mostly what I feel is right is to prepare to go to the temple. That way, I'll be ready for either a mission or marriage. I can't wait to post stuff about college, then about getting married and then about my future family and kids. It will be so fun!!!
Tonight at mutual, we did a "marriage class" for just the laurels. Some women from the ward joined us and we just kinda had a Q&A session. It was cool to see what kind of things we needed to be aware of and what we needed to prepare for. I loved the advice on what type of things to avoid or just some of the things they had learned. I also love hearing all the stories of dating and how they met, first date/kiss ect. Talking about it just makes me so gitty and excited for the future! But not too soon, of course :)
I'll have to take some more pictures soon before school starts. Ttfn!! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My wisdom teeth surgery went well and I am mostly recovered. It was probably one of the worst weeks of my life haha not a fun thing to recover from. I'm just glad its mostly done :) 
I got a job!!! I'm going to be working at Subway! Its the same job Suzanne had when she was in high school! I finished all my training and I'm going to start work soon! 
Young women camp is tomorrow!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!! :D  The only sad thing is that it might be my last year if they don't let me go next year... :'(  that would be so sad. I'll be a YCL 2 over the 3rd years :) Its going to be a blast!
Julie's birthday is on the 10th, she will be 14!!! That's crazy! She will be in high school with me next year! yay! 
Suzanne gets home on the 12th!!! yay!!! So pumped to see her again! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Howdy! I got permission to take all of my finals early for school this week instead of next week because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow!!! I'm so scared! I hope it all goes well. I will have to post a video of me while I'm all loopy from the drugs ;) I'm so glad to have school be over, today was my last day! I've taken my AP test and I don't find out the score until July. I had a job interview last Saturday to work at Subway! The same place Suzanne worked! I got the job-- sorta. It depends on if they still need me when I get back from young women camp, which is the first week of June. I'm so excited! I'm going to be a YCL over the 3rd years! I'm hoping to focus on recovering next week so that I'll be ready for camp. 
And what comes after girls camp???
I'm sooooo excited! :)
Heather, Melanie, and all the babies are coming here to Texas at the end of June! All the sister's (besides Jenny... we wish she could be here too) will be together! 
Overall, looking forward to a great summer full of relaxing before my senior year :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prom pictures!!!!!!!

First, Sister Peart did my hair. She did an AMAZING job. I loved it!!!

Then, Sister Bradley drove over to my house and did me and 3 other girl's make up for the special night :)

Before makeup
After :)

Me in my dress :)

Some of these may be sideways... I still have not figured out how to change that haha.



Me and 2 of the other girls that came over 

Me making faces while waiting for my date to arrive.... :)


He's here!





Stay tuned.... more pictures to come of me at dinner with our group date! 

Here are some pics of me on my first date back in February :)

Here are some random pics Julie took of me one night :) I love making faces :) 

 hehehehe this one is NOT attractive.... lets hope everyone got bored by this point and no one saw this pic :) haha

and may I just point out.....

Last year....

This year....
Last year....

This year....

I don't know if you can see in the picture comparisons... but I've lost 35 pounds! :)