Monday, February 25, 2013

My date was super amazing!!! I had so much fun!! There were 4 couples and we played games, ate appetizers and dinner, then went in the hot tub, and ate dessert. Such a blast!!! It was totally just fun and I felt so comfortable. There is a priest and laurel activity this Saturday so we can meet MORE priests!! and March means April, and April means PROM!!! So hopefully, I'll be getting a date this year. There is a lot more of my friends that are old enough now, last year I just have a early birthday so a lot of them couldn't go. By the way... speaking of prom, please help me find a modest prom dress!!! Thank you!!
So a little about me: (I just want to remember what I was like as a teen when I go back and read this haha) 
My favorite color is purple
My favorite food.... I like almost everything. I just don't do fast food, that's a no. I'm kinda a health nut lol. I love my veggies and all things healthy :)
My favorite dessert... that is a super hard one. But I'll have to say I love a warm brownie or warm cookie with ice cream on top :) I like ice cream better than cake in general. I like chocolate better than candy, but I'll eat it all!!! haha :)
My favorite subject in school is... I kinda hate school. Like honestly. I'm bad at all my core subjects. I'm not very bright. but I love my piano and orchestra classes. and I love my cooking/sewing classes. 
I'm learning how to play the organ!!! I'm so excited cuz then I can play in church on the organ, not just the piano! 
For college, I want to go to BYU Provo as my first option, then BYUI for a second option.
I love babysitting and I'm making a lot of $$$!!! haha but I want to get a job this summer and through the school year next year.
That is it for now. Look on my google+ for pics!!!

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