Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prom pictures!!!!!!!

First, Sister Peart did my hair. She did an AMAZING job. I loved it!!!

Then, Sister Bradley drove over to my house and did me and 3 other girl's make up for the special night :)

Before makeup
After :)

Me in my dress :)

Some of these may be sideways... I still have not figured out how to change that haha.



Me and 2 of the other girls that came over 

Me making faces while waiting for my date to arrive.... :)


He's here!





Stay tuned.... more pictures to come of me at dinner with our group date! 

Here are some pics of me on my first date back in February :)

Here are some random pics Julie took of me one night :) I love making faces :) 

 hehehehe this one is NOT attractive.... lets hope everyone got bored by this point and no one saw this pic :) haha

and may I just point out.....

Last year....

This year....
Last year....

This year....

I don't know if you can see in the picture comparisons... but I've lost 35 pounds! :)