Thursday, April 18, 2013

So I got home late from school and decided to go on a walk. Halfway through my walk, my sister told me to quickly turn around and come back because I had a surprise waiting for me. I got kinda agitated because she wouldn't tell me what the surprise was!!! Then she said the surprise would actually arrive after mutual. That drove me crazy!!! I was so confused! But it kinda gave me the idea that I was going to be asked to prom and that I missed him coming to the door! So I ran home and got ready. Then after mutual Jared Warburton came to the door with purple flowers (my favorite color) and asked me to prom!! It was so sweet and I'm so excited to be going with him! Yes, he and his dad are our home teachers :) haha my home teacher did ask me to prom lol. We have a group that we are going with and hopefully my dress will get here soon, we ordered it online :) Pics are on the way!!! yay!!!

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