Thursday, May 23, 2013

Howdy! I got permission to take all of my finals early for school this week instead of next week because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow!!! I'm so scared! I hope it all goes well. I will have to post a video of me while I'm all loopy from the drugs ;) I'm so glad to have school be over, today was my last day! I've taken my AP test and I don't find out the score until July. I had a job interview last Saturday to work at Subway! The same place Suzanne worked! I got the job-- sorta. It depends on if they still need me when I get back from young women camp, which is the first week of June. I'm so excited! I'm going to be a YCL over the 3rd years! I'm hoping to focus on recovering next week so that I'll be ready for camp. 
And what comes after girls camp???
I'm sooooo excited! :)
Heather, Melanie, and all the babies are coming here to Texas at the end of June! All the sister's (besides Jenny... we wish she could be here too) will be together! 
Overall, looking forward to a great summer full of relaxing before my senior year :)