Wednesday, August 7, 2013

OH. MY. GOODNESS. It has been such a looooooong time!!! I've gotten so many complaints!!! haha. Well... a lot has happened sense my wisdom teeth. Girls camp was wonderful as always. Suzanne got home from her mission- it has been so good to see her again! She is now engaged and getting married in September!!! Yay! It will be the 4th of my sibling's wedding so by now I know exactly what I want for my wedding :) 
This summer I got a job at Subway, just like Suzanne! It has been so much fun and I love saving up for college. Paying more than $3 of babysitting tithing has been so cool too, I feel like I'm now really making a contribution. I've had many neat experiences and fun (or not so fun) people to work with! I love my boss, he's really awesome. That's the most important thing, right? :) I'm planning to keep the job until I go to college, so for another year. Maybe I'll find another subway up in Utah or where ever I go to college!
School is coming soon! I'll be a SENIOR!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited, this year is going to be lots of fun. All of my family is coming here for Christmas this year so we will all be together again for the first time in forever!
Spencer gets home in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 10 days!!!! yay!!!! I'm soooo excited to see him, it has been wayyy too long. Its like getting to know someone all over again, if he has changed as much as I have :) 
I got asked to be the seminary president this year!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! Although, I was honestly surprised because I'm NOT a morning person... but I totally love my seminary teacher, he's THE BEST. No joke. And I bet it will help for my BYU application if I'm seminary president and if he'll write me a good report :) We will study the Book Of Mormon this year. 

So, I feel like I should write some things just about me in general... just so I can go back and read it and see what I was like when I was younger... 
So I used to not want to go on a mission at all, but now that the age has changed and because of Suzanne's and Spencer's influence, I am very much open to the idea. I feel like there is a reasonable likelihood. It just depends. Mostly what I feel is right is to prepare to go to the temple. That way, I'll be ready for either a mission or marriage. I can't wait to post stuff about college, then about getting married and then about my future family and kids. It will be so fun!!!
Tonight at mutual, we did a "marriage class" for just the laurels. Some women from the ward joined us and we just kinda had a Q&A session. It was cool to see what kind of things we needed to be aware of and what we needed to prepare for. I loved the advice on what type of things to avoid or just some of the things they had learned. I also love hearing all the stories of dating and how they met, first date/kiss ect. Talking about it just makes me so gitty and excited for the future! But not too soon, of course :)
I'll have to take some more pictures soon before school starts. Ttfn!! :)