Saturday, September 21, 2013

Howdy Yall! It feels so AWESOME to be a senior in high school!!! :D Its so fun to go to school and seminary with Julie and to see her all the time! This week is homecoming!!! My friends and I made some awesome mums to wear!!! Suzanne is married!!!! aaahhhhh!!!!! She and Lyle got married in the San Antonio Temple this past week, and they are cute as ever :) I can't wait until I get married in the Temple to my sweet heart :) Here's some pics from things I've been up to over the summer/recently:

Yummy food...
 Me and Suzanne face masking ourselves :)
My out fit for one of the days of school... :)

 Me in another outfit...
 Me being pretty :)

 More school outfits... (girl... you are so fashionable!) haha

 I love the way you do that hair :) 

 MY MUM!!! for homecoming :) I made it myself!!!
Me and baby Elsie back in june :) she's a cutie! 

 Cute Jonathan :)
 Me being pretty some more :) 

I FINALLY finished my seminary teachers blanket!!!!

 and.... I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think???