Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey! So things that have happened since September... Being a senior is awesome! I have hardly any homework and I'm enjoying being kind of lazy :) haha. Christmas has been great, all of the family has come here for Christmas and so its been fabulous to see everyone. I've applied to BYU Provo and Idaho and I'm excited to find out in January or February where I get accepted to. I really, really, like, REALLY want to go to BYU Provo. 
Here's my list of stuff I still need in order to go to college: (it was bigger before Christmas, but I got a few things on my list yay)

Stuff I need for college
Underlined= stuff I really need
not underlined= stuff I want

Kitchen stuff:
  • pots
  • cookie sheets
  • plates (set)
  • bowls (set)
  • silverware (set)
  • mugs
  • kitchen knives (set)
  • cooling rack
  • wooden spoons
  • containers (set)
  • hand mixer/ kitchen aid
  • blender (magic bullet)
  • toaster?
  • cutting boards
  • recipes/recipe book

  • long sleeved shirts
  • coats/ jackets/ sweaters
  • boots
  • flare jeans (if byui)
  • leather pants!!
  • overalls

  • MONEY/ gift cards

  • cleaning supplies
  • rags
  • laundry basket
  • laundry soap
  • dish sponge
  • dish towels
  • wash cloths
  • towel set
  • heating pad
  • suitcase set
  • new phone
  • laptop
  • printer
  • bed set
  • a boyfriend hehe ;)

I'm still working at Subway, but I'm getting super sick of it and so I've applied to HEB and I'm hoping that I'll get the job there. I'll have more hours and better pay :) I need all the money I can get to save up for college.