Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I went to my sister's sister-in-law's wedding on Monday! She got married in the Salt Lake Temple and I took tons of pictures, it was soooo pretty!

 Suzanne, Lyle, and I went to lunch after the wedding and climbed to the top of the church office building! (ok we didn't climb... we elevator-ed up to the top haha)

Then got down haha. My T-shirt quilt is lookin' fab!
That's the front, I have to get more material for the back then sew it all together and tie it. It will be great up in Idaho :)

Also just some news... I'm going to Maine for the summer! Then coming back here to Utah and then heading up to Idaho for college! I was not planning on traveling so much this year but it looks like I'll be going all over the country all year long haha.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

General conference was great! I really enjoyed all the talks and can't wait to re read them!
I got a hair cut!

 I got bangs about a year ago and so I just decided to get them again :) and I chopped off quite a bit, it's so short!!

I'm making a tee shirt quilt with all my old tee shirts! I figure that I'll need the blanket more than I'll need the tee shirts when I'm up at BYUI :) 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

There have been quite a few changes since around my birthday! 
Fun things first: I got my first boyfriend! Haha it was fun. :) We went on lots of dates and did fun things. On one of our dates I broke my foot! Haha its been a while and my foot is healing. That's what I get for trying to be too cute ;) I also dyed my hair, I'll post pics later :)
I have however had to make a quite a few life-changing decisions. One of them being that I moved out of my house around my birthday to live with friends and then about a month after I chose to move to Utah with them. (therefore no more boyfriend.) There were a lot of benefits to moving and the change has been wonderful. I love Utah and the mountains :) It is weird to be in high school in Utah, literally everyone is Mormon here! Its such a culture shock! haha. I haven't really made any friends yet... but that's ok. I miss my friends from Texas, but this is for the best.
I'm so excited to go to BYUI with Spencer! I start in the fall. College is going to be great! Can you believe it?? I'm so OLD!! haha.

 Here's some pics:

Last day in orchestra, me and my orchestra buddy Jon :)

 Last Day in seminary, yup that's my awesome teacher on the chair :)

The first time it snowed when I came to Utah, I was so excited haha.

 The second time it snowed here there was enough snow to make a snow man!!!

 My awesome hair :) It was more red when I first dyed it, it has faded quite a bit. It will wash out, it was just for fun :) no harm done haha.

 That's it for now! Haha love that last picture? I love faces ;) haha.