Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I went to my sister's sister-in-law's wedding on Monday! She got married in the Salt Lake Temple and I took tons of pictures, it was soooo pretty!

 Suzanne, Lyle, and I went to lunch after the wedding and climbed to the top of the church office building! (ok we didn't climb... we elevator-ed up to the top haha)

Then got down haha. My T-shirt quilt is lookin' fab!
That's the front, I have to get more material for the back then sew it all together and tie it. It will be great up in Idaho :)

Also just some news... I'm going to Maine for the summer! Then coming back here to Utah and then heading up to Idaho for college! I was not planning on traveling so much this year but it looks like I'll be going all over the country all year long haha.

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