Friday, May 16, 2014

Hi! So a new update... I've decided to serve a mission when I turn 19 next February! I am so excited! I know that it is totally the right thing for me to do. So my plan is... I'll be graduating from high school in 2 weeks, then going to Maine in 3 weeks and working up there until September. Then I'll come back here to Utah and Work one or two full time jobs to save up money and do online BYUI classes to hold my spot. I hope to leave for my mission right close to my birthday. 
I GOT ASKED TO PROM!!!!!! AAHH!! It was the best night of my life! I had sooo much fun! My seminary teacher had his son come ask me-I had never even met him before! But he was sooo nice and the group we went with was huge and fun! We took pictures at my house, then went and took pictures at this other back yard fancy place, and then went to my date's house for dinner. We then went to the dance and partied it up! and then came back for dessert :) it was so much fun. Here's some pics:
 First I went shopping and found the perfect stuff:
FAB gold sparkly shoes!!!!
 Fab pink sparkly dress!
 Fab jacket thingy
 Fab sparkly material to sew underneath!
 Bam! 7 hours of shopping and I didn't even spend that much! Pretty great.

Now here's the night of the dance:

 I don't have any pics from after the dance... but I don't think you'd want to see even if I did haha.
Oh yeah here are some pics of before the dance, me getting all pretty :)

 That's the end of those.
I made these awesome chocolate chip cookies and cream cookies to thank my date for asking me out to prom :)

 Made some rainbow cupcakes with the kids for a fun activity! These are so fun to make and easy too :)

 Me on mother's day with my awesome new favorite outfit :)

That's it :) I'm going to morp tomorrow! morp is this thing here in Utah, it's like backwards prom! So the girls ask the guys and it's a casual dance. I asked this guy from my ward... It was so nerve racking! Now I can understand the stress of planning a date and hoping the other person has fun and all that jazz haha. I'll post pics later :)