Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey yall, its been a crazy life haha.
So finally, here is my morp picture of me and my date :) we had so much fun!
 So here is my summer so far in Maine!
I went to the Boston Temple, so pretty!

 I work at Lowe's! That's me on my first day of work!
 My locker in the break room!
 Here is me eating a flower from the garden... It was interesting...
 Best. Drink. Ever.
 My new scriptures! These are for my mission, I've loved marking them up and starting to study with them :)

 This is in (South Portland?) I went and walked around there, its right by the ocean.

 I went on a ferry boat ride, its my FAVORITE thing to do. I love going on a boat to the ocean, its sooo beautiful!

 Me being wild and free!

 I love the mist on the ocean!

 This is Heather, Suzanne, and I in front of the house that my father and his father grew up in.

 And these are pictures of the Lighthouse we went to!
 It was bright outside so I look all squinty.

 Zoomed in... 
 This is one of my favorite pictures.
 Me being in the ocean!! I LOVE the ocean so much! And it started raining so I was having a ball!! Rain is the best.

 Len Libby's... aka the best place to get chocolate and icecream ever.

 Lenny the Giant chocolate moose and I...

 I had to work on the fourth of July so I had to do something for fun... I used my hair chalk (washes out by the next day) to show my american spirit!

 Me at work the next day with my hair...
 I made a fruit pizza!
 And I was feeling random and bought a flamingo... Don't ask me why... But its pretty awesome, its in the front yard now :) 
 We went for a walk on the rocks near the ocean to look in the tide pools.

 Me and some of my cousins on top of a rock!

 Here's a lake that I went to, so pretty!
 I got to eat a lobster!!! It was fun to pick it apart and such... also interesting haha.

Well that's me as of late this summer... I'm planning on going back to Utah this fall to get ready for my mission, I'm so excited!